Good Interior Design Does Not Have To Be Expensive


Ever look at a great interior online and immediately think the design is a budget buster?  Good interior design does not have to be expensive.

Motivational Monday


Designers are always looking for new sources for furnishings.  Recently, we learned about a source not often associated with interior design.  Today, on another Motivational Monday, we are happy to share!

Good Interior Design Can Be Glamorous Or Serene

walmart-furnishings-modrn-brass-furniture-velvet-dining-room- chairs

Designs Full of Bling and Color!


Subtle, Welcoming Designs

Ready to learn the source of these attractive designs?

All of these spaces were designed with Walmart’s MoDRN furnishing options.

Good Design Is For Every Budget

Yes, Walmart!  Walmart offers a wide range of design items at all price points.  Look at this wonderful, transitional designed pillow for $29!  And what about a chaise sofa in this amazing color for $459!  Our design philosophy remains that good design is for everyone, at every price point.  Virtual design plans are a great companion to all design projects.




Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 9.45.01 AM.png


A LBD Flashback!

This time last year, we were inspired by the fashion runways…see the post below.


Good Interior Design Is Timeless


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