The Sunday Spy 3.10.19

Now This Is A Gallery Wall!

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We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each  Sunday we share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  A design that caught our eye and made us stop and enjoy, like this one shared by collins_interiors.  At first glance we enjoy the burst of color in this craft room.  With a closer look, we can just see a Mom and her kiddos enjoying this space immensely!

Ooooh…Here’s What I Love About This Interior Design!


  • not the ordinary basement arts and crafts room
  • a place for children to improve their fine motor skills while being creative 
  • the kids’ talents turned into awesome art
  • consistent white framed art make this space a gallery wall room
  • pure white, clean walls to display all the colorful funky artwork
  • open window transoms show the great architecture of this space
  • contrasting dark rich wood floors
  • a glass top on the desk and island provide another fun way to display more art and easy clean up
  • small island in the middle of the room to hold all craft supplies including: different sizes of craft paper, every color marker, crayons, paint brushes, stencils, craft sticks, glitter, felt and the list goes on
  • custom cabinetry with white inset doors create a multi purpose working island
  • fun easel chalk board for the budding chef’s menu perhaps?
  • we have to talk about the statement light fixture-teach kids young that good design is for everyone!
  • oooooh that periwinkle bulletin board!
  • stylish, yet easy care counter stools add to the decor
  • keep the color going with periwinkle drapes to close if it gets too sunny or for night time activities 
  • brushed brass cabinetry hardware adds such elegance
  • Mom working while kids play forgetting all about electronics!
  • we bet there is an overly excited, big golden retriever nearby getting bright colored paint cleaned off his tail right now


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    1. Most likely this type of wall will evolve. We have completed gallery walls with empty frames and clients fill in, and change, as life happens.

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