5 Spring Break Kitchens We Can Picture Ourselves In!

The Not So Ordinary Kitchen


Here we are, in the middle of March already.  Traditionally, families head for sunny beach areas for this break from the school year routine.  Just for fun, let’s pretend we are spending our spring breaks enjoying these wonderful, not so ordinary, kitchens!

Friday Favorites!


Today, on another Friday Favorites, join us as we share why we’d love to spend a spring break in these kitchens!

Running Down The Hillside Kitchen


Ah the soothing color palette of this kitchen makes us think of grassy meadows.  Ones where we wander barefoot, in the borrowed apron of the resident chef, to snip a few fresh herbs for our omelets already sizzling in the pan.  Love the hanging rail mounted on the side of the island.

The Entertaining Loft Kitchen

Marta Castellano

These floors have perhaps seen many events in this warehouse district kitchen.  The dual clean up stations lead us to believe that some serious chefs regularly cook for a large, but intimate group.  We can picture taking a break on the balcony while the final pans of those lollipop lamb chops soak a bit.

The Theatre Patron’s Kitchen

christopher knight interiors

How about a week in, say someplace like London, where we’ve taken a break for a night to see a play down the street.  Isn’t this the kind of range we just can’t help but want to take a peek inside!  A warm savory casserole coming up!

The Renovated Abbey Kitchen


This cozy kitchen makes us think about an old church, just on the outskirts of town that is now a series of charming vacation rentals.  A mix of the old, like the uneven staircase, and the new, like the modern light fixture over the waterfall marble island.  French pressed coffee, juice and croissants.

The Sunny Substitute Kitchen


Last but not least, because after all it is spring break time, we can see ourselves in this large coastal kitchen.  Everyone grabs a basket and we head down to the open air market.  We’ll buy only what we want to eat each day.  From the crusty sourdough bread, to the just picked lemons on the fresh caught salmon…we are in!

The Best Thing About A Break

This wraps up our armchair, imaginary spring break traveling.  Ultimately, the best thing about any vacation is heading back through our own front doors!

Bon Weekend!

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 10.51.39 PM.png

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  1. I adore your writing style, and your way with words puts me right into those kitchens. And this is coming from a former English teacher! Thanks for making my morning.

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