What Does It Mean To Accessorize Minimally?

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One of our favorite design blogs, Coco Lapine Designs ,shares minimal interior design daily.  Recently she posted this photo of a corner in her own home and it has inspired us to talk about what it means to accessorize minimally.

Often friends and clients refer to me as a minimalist.  Yet when I look around our home, I have to say we are far from that.  Our home is filled with art, photos and yes, trinkets that all mean something to us.

Minimal Accessories Tell A Story

littleblackdomicile-laurel-interior-designer-over- 50

When our firm is working with a client for a decor project, we start off by taking an inventory of the items in their home that have a story behind them.  When we can look at something and remember why it made the cut, it makes for the best interior design.


This hand thrown pottery bowl was ready to be tossed out by a dear friend as she thought it was not up to par.  Since I know nothing about making pottery, I did not disagree with her evaluation and have been enjoying this original piece of art for years in our homes.  The two small acrylic candle holders were purchased in a Jewish Artisan shop.  I had intended to go in and purchase a Menorah.  After a lovely conversation with the owner, we decided these were more appropriate…unless I wanted to convert, he chuckled.

Minimal Can Mean Using The Same Accessories In Different Ways


Furniture can also be part of a home’s accessory plan.  In our homes, we keep the pieces that work for us but change them up occasionally.  Living in Florida, even outdoor rated cushions have to be replaced often.  These chair cushions have been white, black and now the striped combo.  At first I thought they’d be too busy with the bistro inspired, dirt forgiving !,  floor. But after a few months, we feel like we are enjoying a Paris cafe.  Is this what you think of when you imagine a minimal decor? Probably not.

Plants Add To Minimal Accessories In Our Homes

I don’t hunt for plants to use in our decor.  They seem to find us!  In the past, we have purchased the occasional orchid at the grocery.  They are foolproof for travelers and last much longer than cut flowers (for that Euro wanna be gal I am of blooms on the counter at all time).

Seasonal neighbors now give us their orchids when they depart since “I love orchids.”  I mean who doesn’t love an orchid when its blooming?  Have you seen them on the off season?  Not so charming.  However, they thrive on total neglect and are happy hidden until they decide to show off again.  That’s when we move them around as decor accessories.


The one part of minimalism I do take part in wholeheartedly is using what we love, or need.  This is a beautiful way to use accessories in our home.

I like odd shaped things.  This tall, glazed white planter now has an interesting crackled patina from years of sitting outside.  In our last home, this planter was the base for the oversized dark glazed tray which made a nice side table on the patio.  Currently the two pieces are used in the more conventional way as the aloe plant, stuck in during the move, claimed residence.

Maximizing The Minimal Accessories

laurelbledsoedesign.com-horsehair pottery- wire tree-art

Again, is this what you think of for a minimalist home?  Six pieces of art, and an heirloom all in a 5′ space!  I think not.

The two vases on the left keep me humble in that designers do not know everything.  The small one was supposed to be horsehair pottery (fascinating story how that is made), and the large one is the real neigh neigh.

The framed ink art is of the “O” in an artists alphabet series and was the last guy left.  What is wrong with an ostrich?

The smoking set was Mr. LBD’s grandfather’s and the vase beside it a potters first success at those tiny thin “handles”.  The wire sculpture tree is a memory because one just like it wounded me toting it for a client.

Finally the mixed clear and opaque cylinder is from TJMax when they first opened.  I’ll always say that is the best $5 spent on art in a lifetime.

A Wonderful Example Of Meaningful Accessories

For all of our new readers, and for a re-treat for those who have already seen this past post,  here is one of our favorite design projects.  Of course, we all poured our hearts and souls into the construction of this home over 20 years ago, yet it is the decor that makes this house a home.  Enjoy!




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  1. Your aesthetics is amazing, Laurel. While I am nothing close to minimalistic, I absolutely love the look. To me it mean less stuff, but more interest like mixing prints and clean lines.

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