Before & After – The Power Of The Right White Paint

IMG_1179.jpgEver heard someone say “it’s just paint”?  We confess, we have been guilty of sometimes uttering those words when we are urging a client to use a color that is off trend.  So when we have a client who is eager to consider a new decor suggestion, we are thrilled!  Join us today, for another Wednesday Wow! and see the power of “just” paint.


We are over the moon at how the unique patterns in this counter stone are now complimented with the fresh, yet warm, new white cabinet color.  Go back and look at the before photo.  Same stone, same accessories in this bar.  All that has changed is the “right” white paint.

The Power Of Paint & A Little Bit Of Flooring

Let’s start with a bit of background about this project.  Our client is a master mind at researching and implementing her own projects.  She has wonderful, eclectic taste with furnishings that morph beautifully into each home’s new surroundings.  When a near “in-house” natural water disaster occurred, we had the opportunity to suggest an updated decor.  Not to make light of the consuming management time needed to implement this project…but yes, it is “just paint” with new floorcovering.  Enjoy!


Wednesday “Wow”!


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Look closely at the before & after of the TV area in this home.  I took the before shots to work on the project, our client took the after photos.  Pinky swear, we did not plan to write a blog post about this project.  Except for the magazines being different on the coffee table, everything works exactly as it was with the new creamy wall color.


Ping Pong and Paint!


Did you catch the new area rug on the now hard surface flooring?  Before you look back, take a peek at the luxury flooring that replaced the carpet.  Kid and pet friendly and such a value adder for future resale.  These new vinyl floors have 30 year warranties and are waterproof.  Peachy!


Choosing The Right Paint For Success


Do you know the difference between snookers and billiards?  We didn’t either, but know that we may be changing the traditional green cloth top table with how spot on this table looks, especially with the just right new white paint!


A Favorite Fireplace Renovation


We have to talk about this simple, yet transitional fireplace renovation that was completed during the first phase of this project years ago.  With the new creamy white paint palette, this fireplace is now even more of a focal point.


 Designer Tricks For Using The Right White Paint

White is a very general term when it comes to paint.  Bright white, soft white, modern white, duck white, cloud white…..the list goes on into the hundreds. Hiring a design professional can save time and money by aiding you in selecting the right hue from the start.  Things to consider…

  • Natural Light – How much does the space get and does it change during the daylight hours?
  •  Ceiling Height – Yes, it makes a difference on how the ceiling is treated in relation to the walls.
  • Other Finishes – Such as existing counter tops, tile floors, stair parts…components that will not change.
  • Lighting Fixtures – How much is there?  What kind of fixtures and wattage in the fixtures?
  • Textural Elements – Furnishings of all kinds.  If we can touch it and feel it, then it needs to be considered in the overall plan.
  • Personal Aptitude – What?  What does this have to do with choosing a paint color?  Everything.  Be honest.  Going from what is perceived as a color to the absence of color can be overwhelming.  Sometimes we all need a cheerleader on our side.  Interior Designer 101 to the rescue!


Did You See Sunday “We Spy”?

Another great example of the right white paint!


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9 thoughts on “Before & After – The Power Of The Right White Paint”

  1. I love the difference here. It makes me think I should have gone lighter before painting our house. I had picked out the color before we even moved in, and that’s a mistake. You just don’t know how the lighting comes into the house.
    i love how the rooms look lighter and brighter!!
    And boy, don’t I know how paint makes such a difference….

    1. Yes, natural lighting is our friend when considering paint choices. This entire space is underground. The windows are the egress wells that do not let in a lot of light. However, they acted as fishbowls with the water issue! (ugh)

  2. Beautiful transformation. It is so amazing that a few gallons of paint can give a room a totally fresh new look. And it was so budget friendly too!

    1. For the massive space, and the transformation, it was very budget savvy. Very nice for marketing for sale in future as well.

    1. Paint and flooring are the ONLY changes. This was already a great space and the unfortunate water issue has been turned into a positive!

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