Letting Go Of Interior Design Mistakes


We admit these design mistakes are a bit severe and most of us don't usually stray this far off the path of what works for our homes.

We admit these design mistakes are a bit severe.  Most of us don’t usually stray this far off the path of what works in our homes.  When interior design mistakes do happen…we have to let them go!

Why Do Interior Design Mistakes Happen?


Mistakes in our home’s interior design can happen for so many reasons.  Not measuring correctly, or at all, can result in costly mistakes in a renovation.  Simply choosing the wrong paint color can cause distress.  Spending money on materials and cutting costs on labor always leads to an unfavorable outcome.  The list goes on and on.


Stop Convincing Yourself You Can Live With A Design Mistake


Looking at this room we see a lot of nice things. The problem for us is that there are too many nice things going on in the same space.  There are also too many chairs that make the room look unbalanced.  If an interior feels like it is moving in the wrong direction, it probably is.  Pause, breathe and edit!

Stop Pretending To Live A Life You Don’t (Yet)


We all browse interior designs that appeal to us for one reason or the other.  Be real about what will work for your life.  If binge watching Netflix with Cheetos, or salsa and chips is your thing, then an all white interior is not for you right now.

Stop Competing With The Jones’


There will always be someone with a larger home and someone who has mastered minimalism.  Either spectrum can send us into “what if'” mode.  Our favorite projects are ones that fit each client perfectly.  We are all unique and our homes should be as well.

Stop Feeling Guilty About The Cost


The number one reason anyone of us hates to admit defeat is because we paid a fair amount of our hard earned money on something now perceived to be a mistake.  There are two ways to approach this.  One, talk with an interior designer you can trust to explore options.  Two, admit the error, cut the loss and learn from the “stupid tax” paid.

Start Looking At The Big Picture



Motivational Monday

Good interior design has such an impact on how we live.  We count on our homes to take care of us and expect them to look good while doing so.  Taking the time to curate our home’s decor can be both fun and meaningful.

Buy one piece of timeless, well made furniture each year and in ten years your interior design will be one that works well.  If you have a house full of too much furniture, try scaling down to ten of the best pieces.  The results will be liberating and bring so much confidence!

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    1. Nothing wrong with color but sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much!

  1. Wow, too much hodgepodge can make one wonder why! Different strokes for different folks but overdoing it ruins the intent.

    1. Yes everyone has their own comfort zone in their decor. After 40 years in the design business we strive to achieve personal spaces that are timeless. This is what most of clients ask for.

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