Five Ways To Master The Minimalist Bathroom

Everyone Wants To Be Skinny…Right?

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Regardless of a homes decor, the desire to simplify remains a top priority for so many.  Yet, actually cleaning out, up or organizing an area can be a challenge.  Closets, garages, basements are all on the wish list of areas to conquer.   These larger areas can be daunting, but a bath…now that is a space where we can quickly make progress!  Today let’s talk about five of our favorite ways to master the minimalist bathroom.

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What Is Minimalism?

For the last several years, our clients have asked often about minimalism.  What is it?  Does it mean getting rid of everything and living like a monk?  Of course not.  Some have read books about the concept and think if an item does not make them do somersaults then it must go.  Our philosophy for interior design remains that each of us interprets our living space differently.  Striving for a home that works for us everyday, without excess, seems to be what most of our clients strive for.

Talking to our clients about clutter, as in too much stuff, we lovingly say…”Let’s get skinny”.  Bathrooms can often be the best place to start with a less is more binge.  In a very short time, with minimal effort (pun intended) we can all be liberated from too much stuff.

Five Ways To Reduce Clutter And Stay Organized In Our Bathrooms

# 1- Towels


Most of us have too many towels and we like to buy more!  Getting rid of a towel is a multiple step process.  The shabby ones first get shoved into a closet, then out to the garage and finally tossed or onto Goodwill.  What a storage nightmare we are creating.  Most of us use one, maybe two, bath towels at a time.  Using hooks to let them dry quicker, and having a clean spare would work for most of us.  A hotel style rack over the commode holds hand towels/cloths and the bathmat.  Replacing a few towels, more often, cost about the same as having all those sets in the closet(s)!

#2 Vanity Organization


Drawers in vanities are easy to use and stay more organized that the no man’s land under the sink.  The cavity under the sink is hard to reach.  Most of the time we don’t even know what is under there.  If this is part of the storage option, installing pull out bins or shelves can be a huge improvement.  Be very particular about what is important enough to store in the new system.


Great Tip:  Years ago a client of ours, who traveled often, used a tackle box for all her toiletries and make up.  After I chuckled a bit, I realized she was onto something.  So many small items, all corralled in one place, ready to travel at a moments notice and tucked neatly under the sink after its daily duties on the counter.  A+ for organization.

#3 Wall Storage


Tall and narrow storage automatically keeps us more organized, especially if each person using a bath can have their own cabinet.  Although small wall mounted, or recessed, cabinets are called “Medicine Cabinets”, they really can be for so much more.  These cabinets do not have to be installed over a sink.  Cabinets can be installed on other walls.  A pair can be stacked or installed side by side.  Tall cabinets offer flexible storage and come in numerous widths to fit into even small spaces.  It’s so much nicer to open a door and see everything at once.

Side note about mirrors.  Some of the most appealing bathroom designs do not have mirrors in conventional locations.  Yes, we need a mirror for some things, but not all.  Do we really need to watch ourselves brush our teeth?  Ever go camping?  At home, call it “glamping” if you must, and rethink where mirrors really work best.  As we “mature” we need to be closer to our mirrors and have better light than what we can get leaning over a counter and sink.  Being resourceful can create some beautiful designs.

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The baths above and below are perfect examples of not using a conventional mirror design.  Look at all the sleek storage, daylight and the auxiliary shelf in the photo above.  Below, I’m sure the big chubby drawers have everything these chic owners need to start the day off right.  There is probably a full wall of mirror nearby.  Look at this beautiful wall tile!!

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#4 Out In The Open Storage

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No way.  Isn’t minimalism about having only things that bring joy?  Cotton balls and Q-tips probably don’t make the cut.  Displaying the things we use daily in easy to reach, and attractive containers does appeal to most of us.  Having trays to keep things from getting scattered all over is a way to keep counters clear.

#5 The Non – Linen Closet


Many bathrooms have what we call the linen closet.  This term is outdated.  We have either crammed it full of linens that are not being used, or have no linens on the shelves because there is too much old, nasty junk.  This tall, narrow space is excellent real estate if organized.  It can truly keep most things, that aren’t attractive, out of sight.

Look at these two closets above.  Love the TP storage on the left and the laundry basket on the right.  These two examples really show how a little effort can make you go “ah” every time you open the door.  Don’t have time, or do not want to do this yourself?  Remember our past post It Takes A Village?  Hiring a professional organizer is not expensive.  It’s priceless.

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We Can All Put In Some Sweat Labor

A lot of it entails getting in there and purging all the half used, and unused, products.  We can all do that the night before trash day!  Add in a deep cleaning of the space and this may be enough to give you the feeling of a more spacious, less visually noisy sanctuary.

One Last “Freebie” Tip

Move The Hair and Make Up Area Out Of The Bath


Finding a space to do hair and make up, with good light and away from the humidity of the bath, can be glorious.  And just think of all the space you will free up in the bath.  Add some fresh flowers and spark joy for sure!  Yep, we just suggested to add something to our new minimalist home.

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  1. Gosh, this is just chocked full of inspiration, Laurel!! I think the best thing we can do is get creative with our spaces.
    We got rid of lots of extra towels and sheets when we moved. At least we did something right…LOL

    1. It’s not about what is “right” but what “feels right” for each of us. Like our clothing!

  2. Terrific post, Laurel – there were so many useful tips in it. And I love the good humour and friendliness of ‘let’s get skinny’!! Lxx

  3. Great advice on getting skinny. I am here to testify that a makeup vanity is one of the greatest ideas you ever had for my closet! It is truly my space and it really does make me happy! Thank you for your great advice,

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