White Walls Do Not Have To Be Boring!

Consider These 3 Easy Designer Tips!


“Help!  We painted our living room the same “white” as our friend’s home and theirs looks chic yet inviting….ours looks cold and bare!”-JA The conversation went on to include the opinion that the new white wall color was boring.  Join us today as we share three design tips to create white interiors that are anything but boring!

Tip # 1

Choose The Right “White”

lonnie paul-foyer-white-walls-molding-littleblackdomicile

Looking in any manufacturer’s paint deck, we find many hues of white paint.  Some offer warm, creamy neutrals while others are crisp and brilliant.  Honestly, it is easier to choose the wrong white paint than it is to hit it on the spot!  So how does a designer nail a paint color very time? 

In addition to retaining inspiration from experience, we always consider a home’s architecture, lighting and existing finishes that will remain in the new color palette.  Using white in a decor is a marriage between both contrast and blending.

Tip # 2

Consider The Style Of The Furnishings

new darlings-white-walls-living-room-black&white-stipe-chair-navy-sofa

A decor that appears to be curated, rather than decorated, always feels welcoming.  Combining unique pieces of furniture, furnishings that beg to be touched and the addition of natural elements like a plant, give the space definition.


We use a simple approach with our clients who ask us if a white interior is right for their home.  “Do you have 5 pieces of furniture that you love?  Do you have 5 pieces of art you’d have a hard time parting with?  Do you have 5 items in your home that mean something to you?”  If so, we can help create a decor that has you at “hello”!  On the flip side, clients who tell us they want to toss everything and start over are often not ready for white backdrop.



Tip # 3

Mix In Color!


Our favorite aspect of white interiors is how flexible they are.  So easy to add loads of color!  Find a rug you love this year and change it the next.  Rotate bed linens by seasons and think outside the box with small pieces of furniture and furnishings.  Why not use outdoor pieces inside?  Or ask Grams for that cool mid-century credenza she’d love you to have.

old farmhouse-white-wall-bedroom-vintage-drapes-spindle-bed

becca booker-colorful-white-boheminam-bedroom

Wonderful White Decor


In closing on this, another Motivational Monday, we like to applaud all designers and clients who embrace an all white interior.  Done right they are certainly  stunning!

Did you see We Spy Yesterday?

A perfect example of all of these tips!




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6 thoughts on “White Walls Do Not Have To Be Boring!”

  1. They are so stunning….it’s so clean and crisp with the white walls. And super easy to add in so many other colors. I might have to try this if/when we move!!

  2. It’s amazing how plants can add so much to a room. The white walls are strikingly beautiful combined with the green plants and also with black accents. White gives the feeling of openess and makes everything appear so fresh and clean.

    1. Plants add so much to our decor! The two examples of green and white finishes is indeed refreshing!

    1. Our younger clients need a bit more time to collect the history that is so appealing in a white decor. Until then….we encourage them to wait and make wise purchases without temporary excess.

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