Small Vintage Renovations Offer Enduring Charm


 We have a passion for small spaces!  Ones that can be updated using new quality features and yet retain the charm that has endured for so many years.

Currently, our full service design firm   is working with a client who is undergoing a renovation of their vintage family home.  The kitchen is considered small in today’s standard of bigger is better.  Our project immediately brought to mind the one shared today in another…

Wednesday “Wow”!

We Love Small Spaces!


The Concept Of Renovating For The Next Generation


Today we are sharing the work of Ilaria Fatone, an interior stylist and blogger.  She lives in Provence and has also completed a renovation of her own childhood family kitchen.  Let’s enjoy the before and after photos of this welcoming new space!

Where To Start In A Vintage Renovation


The designer on this project capitalized on the one thing we always consider first in a renovation.  Natural Light.  Take another look at the before and after photos above.  The light from the black framed door floods the space.  We can’t see the actual door in the before photo, but can imagine it most likely looks like the one we can see in the adjoining room above.  Keep following to see how the light from this door was captured to also be an influence in this new well-appointed kitchen.

The Elements of A Successful Vintage Renovation


Evaluating and retaining original elements are always a plus in a vinatge renovation.  In this project, the chevron patterned wood flooring is simply finished in a ligher stain.


As a complete juxtapose, adding a modern design in a vintage renovation is the perfect way to marry the old and the new.  Crisp white cabinets are teamed with natural wood and black accents to create the most welcoming decor.

And let’s not pass up the ingeniousness of adding this sliding wood framed panel that not only gives some separation to the kitchen but is also an amazing design feature.

Updating A Small Space For Today’s Lifestyle



Lastly, the redesign of this small space brings a sense of new “charm” with the addition of a workspace.  We can imagine a busy Mom checking the family schedule for the day, a Dad answering some last minute emails before family time, and a still sleepy preschooler capturing that last bit of cereal before getting ready for school.   Function first is even more important in small spaces.  Making a vintage, family home work for the next generation is ever so rewarding!


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  1. Dang…that’s a huge transformation. I love that you think about light first. I need to be better about that.

    1. We love designers like this who don’t automatically jump to rethink the wheel and expand the space. So many talented people in our industry!

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