How To Stage A Home & Appeal To The Majority Of Buyers

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Buyer!

As full service interior designers, we love projects that have clearly defined goals and definite timelines.  Assisting homeowners, and their real estate professionals, stage a home to appeal to the majority of buyers are these very projects!

Wednesday “Wow”!


Today we have the opportunity to share a Florida home, which recently sold very quickly, after being prepared for market.  Before we begin, we have to give tremendous credit to our clients who welcomed our suggestions and completed much of the work themselves.  Our goal is to make suggestions that are manageable yet have an immediate impact in the online photos.

The Golden Rule When Staging A Home

A potential buyer needs to be able to see the house and envision themselves living in it.  Everyone has personal taste when it comes to our furnishings.  Of course some vacation homes are sold with all the furnishings but most of the time buyers want to bring the items that mean something to them.  Arranging existing furniture, art and accessories to highlight the architecture and show light, uncrowded spaces always photos very well.

A Quick Check List Of What Buyers Are Looking For

  • Clean, well maintained homes that can be moved in quickly while possible future personalization is considered.
  • Houses that feel spacious no matter the square footage.
  • Light color palettes that are not directly dependent on the existing decor.
  • Moderately updated kitchens and baths.

Please enjoy this video of the before and after photos of this property!

What we suggested….

  • Rearrange, and edit, all rooms using existing furnishings.
  • Create a bedroom in what was being used as an office with sleeper sofa.
  • Paint the master bedroom and bathroom.
  • Change the master bathroom cabinet hardware.


The Results….SOLD!


Remember this past post….Real Estate Designed To Sell Moves Quickly?


The Results – SOLD!

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  1. I ALWAYS love the befores and afters this way, and I love how you did the video too.
    No wonder you can sell a place so fast, you really know how to show it off in it’s best light.

    1. Team effort. Real estate agents know all the right steps and we are just a tool in their box!

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