Spring In Kentucky Means….

Alfresco Dining At Derby Time!


Forget those other national holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving….in Kentucky the most important holiday takes place the first Saturday in May.  Nothing says Spring like the Kentucky Derby!

First…It’s All About The Hats!


Last year about this same time, Kristen posted some of her favorite Kentucky Derby Hats and shared how much fashion and interior design are related.  Remember this post?  So much fun!

Next…Derby Is About Entertaining!


Plus with Mother’s Day on the heel of Derby, there are a lot of amazing tables being set in this city in the Spring.  When the weather allows, and we can dine alfresco, the celebrations really go to the next level!

 Alfresco Dining For Any Occasion


Ok, so not all of us have a Bougainvillea covered patio with these fantastic multiple sets of these navy blue french doors.  Nor a classic veranda chock full of vintage moldings and shuttered doors.  However, we can all create some fun alfresco dining and let the memories pile up.


We Can All Add Color To Our Tables

Notice that several of these beautiful examples of outdoor dining spaces use table runners and cloth napkins.  While the napkins are certainly beautiful, they can be a bit of a pain to take care of and take up more space to store.  A quick way to add color and personality to any table is with a runner.  Keep in mind a runner, or two, or three, can run both directions so we don’t always need one perfectly sized to make an impression!


Friday Favorites!



  1. Otomi Pattern Table Runner
  2. Mexican Table Runner
  3. Fun Botanical Garden Table Runner
  4. Yellow Chevron Table Runner
  5. Blue&White Stripe Table Runner

There Is Something About Dining Alfresco At Night!


What a beautiful burst of elegance and color!

It’s not too late to gather some colorful additions for your alfresco dining.

We love Amazon for quick “I need these now!” items!

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 1.14.43 PM.png

Bon Weekend!



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  1. I’m great with the hats. It’s the table decor I need help with. I’m sure it’s all practice, but I want to get better at it!!

    1. None of us can compete with true Derby hosts! I prefer to be in one of the seats to enjoy it all.

    1. These girls rock the hats don’t they? Now imagine a whole table of them too!

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