10 Things That Make An Airbnb Unforgettable


The little horse race, the first Saturday in May, always brings lots of visitors to the city.  This is a time for several days of fun!  There is nothing like having the perfect spot to rest up between events.  Today on another Wednesday “Wow”!  we will once again share our clients, now up and running, successful Airbnb.  Here are 10 things that make this rental unforgettable!

Wednesday “Wow”!


Making An Airbnb Memorable



# 1 – A Cleary Marked Exterior Entrance-Keep signage fresh and updated. Well cared, seasonal flowers are always so welcoming!

Love the Ky inspired welcome sign that lets guest know they are in the right place. Look how cleverly this plant stand also covers up some in ground plumbing. 

#2 – Safe Stairs – First, give guests full disclosure about the stairs in the unit.  Next,  make sure stairs are wide enough for a person with luggage, are treated with a non slip material, have well secured handrails and proper lighting at all times of day/night.


An added bonus to this wide staircase, is a landing to take a break if needed!

#3 – All The Do’s & Don’ts – Guests and owners alike all agree the more immediate information about the rental the better.  A well prepared, and frequently updated book with instructions and amenities makes guests feel at home and means fewer calls to an owner.

Adding in current local information is always a perk for guests new to the area.  Look at this framed info on how to operate the bedroom window shades…so thoughtful!

#4 – Reliable WiFi – Today there is no excuse for not having a strong signal for all internet based amenities.

No one has to hunt for the internet connection info!  And what a wonderful feature to provide a two person work station.  If for nothing else…charging all the devices we all have now.

#5 – Clean, Clean, Clean Bathrooms – No matter the decor, or age of a bath, it is essential for everything to be spotless.  No one wants to be “tripping over hair” as Mr. LBD says!

These close up photos speak for themselves!

#6 – Always Fresh Sleeping Accommodations – No matter the size, bedrooms that feel spacious, with well-defined use of the space, are so much better to enjoy. Designated luggage areas and plenty of hangers keep the area free of clutter.  Linens, for all seasons, must be fresh and kept updated.  Everyone wants to feel like they are in a fine hotel.

Crisp white linens, luggage racks and wrapped extra blankets make this rental a home run!

#7 – Well Appointed, Clean Kitchen – One of the very reasons guests prefer a rental over a hotel is the kitchen.  The best owners spend a few nights in their units, cooking a few meals, to ensure all the necessities are in place.  And here’s that word again, “Clean”.  Like the baths, the kitchens have to be spotless.

Wow! Take a minute to see how well-organized all this kitchen’s amenities are.  One guest said she wanted to take this kitchen home in her pocket.  Who wouldn’t?!

#7 – Laundry Must Haves – Not all rentals offer laundry facilities.  However, when they do we like them to be full service and well maintained.  Providing just enough of the essential laundry products makes a stay even better.  Nice to be able to pack lighter and return home with clean clothes.


What?!  Do we see hanging space in a full service laundry area?  Be still my heart!

#8 – Memorable Extra Touches – Coffee service, extra towels and tp, hampers, iron/board, hairdryers, and toys for the kiddos, are all items that make the stay more pleasant.

Did you notice this unit even provides a step stool and first aid kit?

#10 – Unforgettable Extras! – Baskets of snacks and  personalized wrapped towels with night time chocolate.

What’s this?  Derby Pie and ice cream, fresh mint (as in juleps) and a take home memorable glass?  These owners know how to make a guest feel special!

Happy Kentucky Derby!

Would you like to stay at this lovely Airbnb?

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  1. Those are what make it seem like a hotel stay! Especially with the chocolates

  2. Lovely post! Those little touches make it seem like a home from home and must be a huge factor in getting repeat business, Lxx

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