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Think Using A Designer Is Too Expensive?



Social media is loaded with all kinds of interior design inspiration!  So much in fact that it can be overwhelming, frustrating and expensive to achieve our design and decor goals.  Ever thought of using a Virtual Interior Designer?

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Virtual Interior Designs Reduce Costly Mistakes

Have you ever purchased something that just didn’t quite have the impact you hoped for?  A lamp that was much smaller than it appeared in the photo, a set of turquoise pillows that are more blue than the green you saw in a magazine.  Those new, extremely expensive, white linens that feel like sandpaper.  While designers are not perfect, we are experts at helping our clients achieve their decor goals within a budget by using a few simple techniques.


Because its summer, and everyone wants to lighten up, let’s look at these two examples of beautiful white bedrooms.  White interiors are some of the most beautiful to design, yet can also be the most challenging to perfect.  Saying we want a light, airy but cozy design is not always in sync.  One of our favorite ways to achieve this welcoming decor is to mix both tactile and visual textures.


A Virtual Interior Designer “Sees Things”!

It’s true, interior designers see things differently.  We can look at a photo, or several photos, with a client and determine which elements will work in their space.  Perhaps, more importantly, we can guide clients away from choices that will not give the same impact as in a photo.  The structure, lighting and existing furnishings must all be considered when creating a new design for our homes.

Virtual Design Is Custom Design

Virtual design is a tremendous way to get a custom design within a budget.  Our designers can help as little or as much as you’d like.  Today, let’s look again at some Friday Favorites of the decor recommendations we’d make for a virtual design client who wants to lighten up with a quick DIY project.



1. Area Rug $399


2. Euro Sham $ 59.50



3. Tasseled Pillow $34.99


4. Hanging Fixture $249.99


5. Duvet Cover & Shams $ 600


6. Wall Sconces $155


7. Small Table Top Planter $29.95


Change out colored, or print bed linens, to a crisp but soft white set.  Add rich, mixed metal lighting fixtures.  Overlay a small area rug on top of whatever floor surface exists.  Use interesting, but usable, decorative pillows.  No matter what size,  choose an artistic planter and fill it with green plants.   Heck, we will even help you pick out the perfect paint color.  It’s no fun choosing the wrong color!

Bon Weekend…You DIY Warrior!




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