The Perks of No Longer Needing A Big Corner Office



Years ago, to be considered successful in our work space, we’d climb the proverbial office ladder and think we had made it when we got the big fancy office with a view.   Thank goodness times have changed and we can all benefit from the perks of no longer needing that corner office.

Motivational Monday


The profession of interior design has always been one that bucks the trends.  How we work is no exception to this rule.  Only in the movies does a decorator wave his arm around a vast office or perch up against a large desk savoring a mid morning coffee.  Nope, the successful designer is no different than many others in today’s high tech business world.  We have to be portable….most of the time.

Small Spaces Can Be Productive

However, when we are home, or on vacation, we do love an office with a view!  Our profession is one that encourages daydreaming.  Sitting in front of a window to work keeps us more connected and inspired.  A laptop, our favorite beverage and a view equals some very productive time.


Got A Window..,Make Your Own Office With A View!

Many of us use laptops, or tablets, for tasks that used to require a large desk top computer.  Now a 4′ desk, a lamp and a comfy chair is all we need to do our jobs.  Sometimes we don’t even need the actual desk, but if we do, why not give ourselves a well earned perk!


Vacation Offices


The best vacation spots include a small, designated spot for an hour to two worth of work while on hiatus.  Being able to keep up while traveling makes all the difference when we return to the office.  Having a view where we can see our families enjoying themselves encourages even the most die hard worker to break away early.


Daily Perks Of No Longer Needing The Corner Office


Let’s face it.  Nothing beats a non rushed night at home.  As designers, our job is to help you create spaces in your home you can’t wait to get back to each day.  Rethinking how we start, and finish our work day can make a big difference.  Perhaps we can all have the proverbial office with a view!


Did You See We Spy Sunday Yesterday?

Ah, another great work space for when we are thinking outside the box!


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4 thoughts on “The Perks of No Longer Needing A Big Corner Office”

  1. I have found that I like it better when my desk is close to the window….I feel more connected with what’s going on around me.
    These are good ideas for our upcoming move…we were just looking at homes online yesterday, and we have to figure it out…

    1. We will have some upcoming posts about moving and what to look for in a new space. When we are very honest with ourselves about what works for us the opportunities are greater.

  2. Lovely post! Having spent some time in an office with no window, I now really appreciate the effect light can have on productivity! Lxx

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