When Nature Gets The Blues We All Win!


We have a Pinterest board called Sunday Strolling.  The board is a collection of photos that seldom have anything to do with interior design yet often inspire us to create entire projects.  Such is the case with this striking photo.  When nature gets the blues we all benefit.

How Many Shades of Blue Are Too Many?


Wednesday “Wow”!

In our opinion there can never be too many hues of the blues we all love.  From the faintest minty tint, to the deepest blackish blue, blues are always at home in our decor.  Let’s take a look today and talk about ways to incorporate this classic color into our decor.

Change Up A Neutral Decor


Changing out bed linens, adding overlay area rugs and mixing up patterns can quickly transform a neutral space.  Now this a summer guest space!

Repeat A Favorite Color Of Blue

onekingslane-blue walls-chair-fabric

When you’ve landed on a hue that suites your personality, repeat it!  Look how bright and welcoming this dining space is!

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Be Daring With A Bold Blue


Ah…classic and cozy all at once!  A monochromatic design does not have to be white.  Painting walls and moldings in the same color is impactful.

Make A Statement With Blue Collectibles


In a world where we are often encouraged to keep only what is useful, we say beauty is greatly needed!  Nothing is more delightful than a blue and white accessory collection.

Add Blue Hues In Unexpected Ways


Of course these chairs could be a snowy white, or a coal black and create a wonderful decor.  However, in this deep, rich, sink ourselves into these chairs blue, this design is stunning!

Go Ahead…Get The Blues With Us!

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7 thoughts on “When Nature Gets The Blues We All Win!”

  1. Have you seen my mom’s house?? Heck, she even has blue carpet!!! Maybe that’s why I stay away from it. But really, that’s silly!

    1. You havde blue in your life…remember that little sofa we worked on? Blues are universal.

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