Renovating? If You Can Only Do One Thing…Paint!

It’s Just Paint….


Boy what a difference paint can make!

Wednesday “Wow”!


Recently we discoverd, Bungalows, and appreciate the approach this site has to good design.  The owner of this home shares that this kitchen may undergo a more detailed renovation in the future.  But in the meantime, quickly painting the cabinets, with a carefully selected color, has made a world of difference.


Working With What We Have In A Mini Renovation


Take another look at the before and after.  Painting the cabinets, and the walls, allowed the wood floors, nice appliances and stone counters/splashes to be featured.  We have to look closely to see that the exposed under cabinet, and track lighting still remain.  And our favorite twist…is how beautiful this all looks in all the “free natural light”!

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It’s Just Paint


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  1. It’s only recently that we thought about painting the cabinets and we absolutely love them now!! This example is SO perfect!!

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