Help…I Hate My Decor!


“I just want to throw everything out and start over”! 

Oh how many times we hear something like this during an initial interior design consultation with a prospective client.  Next comes a round of apologies about why things are like they are.  First we say pleaaaaaase stop this nonsense.  Next we invite you to think like we do.


It’s Monday…Let’s Get Motivated!


What Problem?!


Go easy on yourself.  We hope you didn’t call us to make yourself feel bad.  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you as part of your design team.  The right designer is both the teacher, and the student, on every project.

One Man’s Junk Is Another’s Treasure


Just as Edsion said in the quote today, the right designer loves a good stash of junk to work with!  Ok, maybe we don’t all have the proverbial “granny’s attic” but most of us have areas in our homes with “stuff” we think no longer makes the cut.  It is incredibly hard to create warm and inviting homes when nothing is retained and all is new.


Before You Shop Use What You Have


In this photo (via houzz), we can see a wide range of both modern and traditional pieces that all work beautifully together.  Color, texture and interesting content in a design, is easier to achieve with pieces that reflect our personalities.  The right interior designer helps you see how to use what you already own in new ways.

Balance and Scale, Scale and Balance

Remember this past post?

Interior Designers See Things Differently


Working with the right interior designer should be fun.  Our job is to open up all kinds of possibilities for your home’s design and decor.  We will look at a space in an entirely different way than you might.  It’s the number one reason to call us!  Round pegs can certainly fit in square holes!

Calling In The Troops


Life can get overwhelming at times.  Throw in a home renovation and stress levels can go thru the roof. (haha pun intended!)  The right interior designer comes up with 10 extra project solutions before most other trades are on the job.

We are your advocate and so happy you’ve let us play with your “pile of junk”. Edison was right!

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In Memory


Thank you to all those who have served and given so much.



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  1. I actually have a time set up with Nancy to sign her up and have you help her with her office….FINALLY!!
    I can’t wait to see what you suggest.

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