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Want More Free Time…Organize In A Way That Suits You


Did you know more people move into a new home in May than any other month of the year?  With new spaces, comes the need for organizing all our belongings in the best way to suit our lifestyles.

Wednesday “Wow”!

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It’s The Little Things In Life That Matter

Mr. LBD and I were among the many people who changed our abode recently.  From the day we decided to “consider a move” to a walkable, downtown metropolis, to the day we were settled was exactly 32 days.  Our previous home selling in 6 hrs, and a two week trip planned within our timeframe, made reality hit home pretty fast.  We needed to get and stay organized fast!

Start Organization With Everyday Items

Our home’s organization is more than a “thing” with me.  Our living spaces have one role…to take care of us seamlessly.  The most mundane things, that do not function, can make me crazy.


Take silverware for example.  We all use these utensils daily, and for heaven’s sake, they go in our mouths!  Giving silverware a clean, organized home is essential in my book.  Here are before and after photos of how our silverware drawer evolved in our last home.  We had 2 very large drawers that always allowed pieces to roam freely, even with traditional utensil caddies.  At year 3 out of 4, I stumbled upon these clear drawers dividers and adapted them to our silverware needs.  See more in this past post.


Organization Means Adapting

Fast forward 32 days and we are loving our new digs in the city.  Much to my delight, we are down another 500′!  We will share more about “Living Large in Small Places”,  in future posts.

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However, all of our spaces have changed.  The too large of a drawer is history.  The largest, of a whopping total of three drawers is the one below.  The first go around used the clear acrylic dividers vertically.  The silverware slid around every time the drawer was opened.  After a week of…”no this is not working for us”, simply moving the dividers to a horizontal position solved the problem.  An added bonus is that the non-soft close drawer now feels heavier and operates more smoothly.  My brain knows the exact same weight is in the drawer as before, but my heart is happier.


What To Do With All The Free Time Being Organized Allows


Part of our goal to live in a city is to be able to walk to most everything we need and want.  Our farmers market has been in existence for nearly forty years and never missed a Saturday.  We hope to be there for the next forty (or so)!

A Special Thanks To Our Editor

In the wee hours of the morning, or late at night, we are blessed to have an editor who makes sure what we intend to say comes across to all our wonderful readers correctly.

As we are nearing our 500th blog post, I realized I’ve never told her how much we appreciate her in print!  Thank you, wise one.  This post made me especially think of you as I maneuver thru our new home without soft close drawers.  (inside joke)



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6 thoughts on “Organizing A New Home”

  1. Oh, this is going to be my life soon enough. And those clear organizers are so smart. We have our in what you had before, and that offers no variability.
    I need to pick your brain even more. What do you do with knives?? I hate having them out on the counter in that block?

    1. Currently ours are in a rotating block that doubles as an iPad perch for recipe time. However, my favorite knife storage is a magnetic wall board. Has a bit of a learning curve but works so well for the wanna be chef in me!

  2. I can hardly wait to see pics of your new organized home! You just might inspire me to reorganize my own spaces.

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