Do You Have A Room That “Feels Left Out” In Your Home?

Every Room Needs Some TLC


If we had to choose one room that gets all the hand-me-downs, it would have to be the guest bedroom.  Before we know it, this space that welcomes our most special guests into our homes, becomes a room we feel has been left out of our home’s decor.

Updating A Room That Is “Perfectly” Fine

Ah yes, we’ve heard these words many times.  In most cases guest rooms are functioning just fine.  In all projects we begin, we like to assess what is right about the space and what will be even better in the new plan.


The Assets

Looking at the photo above, it’s hard to believe this adjoining bath’s wallcovering is 20+ years old!  We loved it then and still love this entire bath.  In both the bedroom and bath, the moldings are classic and the flooring can go many more years.

The Inspiration

Wait, this isn’t a bedroom!  Good inspiration does not have to be apples to apples.  In fact, the right designer will gather inspiration that gives us the impression of how we want to feel in the new space.  The wonderful design below, by Darrly Carter, is exactly how we want guests to enjoy our bedroom when it is complete.


Budget Friendly Options

Good design does not cost more than necessary.  Too many times we have clients call us after they have gutted a space, or even attempted to make very costly structural changes.  Subtle changes can make the most impact.




This bedroom has the most wonderful window seat and true divided windows.  The walls got a quick paint change and the owner played with the pillows.  After seeing this change, we are suggesting the window treatment be replaced by a woven material roman shade and adding a hanging fixture where the recessed can is currently.  Sneak back up and look at the inspiration again…starting to “feel it”?

Furnishings Make The Difference

We are recommending keeping the post bed, lingerie chest and some of the bedding.  After that, game on with furnishing selections that are truly more in tune with our client’s home.  Every room in our home should reflect who we are and where we are.  We evolve and so should our decor.





Ok, go back and look at the inspiration again and see if you can picture this bedroom complete.  We can!

Virtual Interior Design

This plan has been created using our online design services.  Our packages give you the plan, the selections and all the info you need to shop from your sofa in your pjs.


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  1. The answer to your title? Yes…all of them, ha ha! Except the living room which you helped me with!!
    Going to be at Nancy’s today signing her up for you to help her with her office!! I may have to text you for help, it’s been so long since I did that.

    1. And your living room is the perfect example to start with what you love first!

    1. Good design is about learning our clients and helping them fall in love with every room in their home!

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