Black & White Decor Always Works

Move Often?  Then A Black & White Decor Is For You!


Some people are just nomads.  Laurel and Mr. LBD have moved again, as we know from last week’s post.  For them, incorporating a particular color palette into their decor gives them the most flexiblilty.  Wherever they land, using a black & white decor always works!

littleblackdomicile-laurel-interior-designer-over- 50

Yes, we do move often.  Several reasons.  One, Mr. LBD likes change.  Two, I like Mr. LBD. All kidding aside, we move often to experience different areas of this wonderful country of ours and the many different types of architecture.  We’ve even moved across the street once to one of my favorite little houses.  Anyway, our furnishings have to evolve with us.  Let’s look at how accomodating our outdoor furniture has been this last move.


Outdoor Furniture

  • a pair of teak chairs with black & white striped cushions
  • a pair of concrete “egg” stools
  • a set of acrylic nesting tables
  • two plants
  • square ceramic tray

The new outdoor space is smaller and yet a place we use more often, I think.  We overlook a beautiful, architecturally pleasing new complex and can see partial ocean views and the sunset.  Take another look at the new space…you can’t see the ceramic tray which now is used again as it’s intended pot drip pan.  Except for the large plant being in a different white planter, (because the new owner of some of our other plants insisted he get the “matching” pots!), we are using the same furniture in new ways.  Just this morning I mentioned to Mr. LBD how much I like our ability to fit into any space we’ve owned.  And I am not talking about square footage.  I’m talking about claiming a space to call it home.  One more quick peak before Kristen shares another Friday Favorites for outdoor furnishings.


Friday Favorites!


Yes I do love an outdoor area to enjoy for ourselves.  When the space permits, creating the very same welcoming atmosphere for friends and family is an extension of our home’s personality.

Mother Nature Looks Good In Black & White


Today, before the weekend begins, let’s stop and take in this lovely outdoor space shared via decoraiso.  Many of our clients have woven, resin furniture and ask how to update it to give it a more personalized look.  Here are some tips.

Add Greenery

Image 5

Choose  uniform color for pots and let different types of greenery be the difference in outdoor plantings.

Use An Outdoor Area Rug

Image 4

Choose an area rug bold enough to make an impact and one that can stand up to all the fun this space is going to have!

Forgo Past Prime Cushions

Loose pillows can take the place of structural cushions.  Go for a mix of fun patterns in similar colors.



Instead of buying new cushions, perhaps think “off” the box and use comfy throws.  Much easier to bring in when it rains!  If new cushions are a must..why not try the black and white stripe?

Image copy


Add Natural Textures

Image copy 2

Textures can add so much to a design.  Ideally, look for products that can handle moisture and be open to keeping others inside until the time is right to use.  A little effort is worth the amount of enjoyment these items    can add to the decor.

Image 2

Black & White Outdoor Furniture

Ready to try the black & white twist with outdoor furniture?  Here’s a nice set with a lot of style for under $300.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 6.22.01 PM

Bon Weekend Everyone!


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  1. I just loved that…Mr. LBD likes change. Two, I like Mr. LBD….hilarious!! are one smart cookie!!

    1. And nearly every color can be added to black and white in both our homes and wardrobes. Our home is not without color…the opposite actually!

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