5 Ways Using An Interior Designer To “Style” Our Homes Makes A Difference

Styling vs Staging A Home


Wednesday “Wow”!

We’ve all heard how important it is to “stage” our homes before we head to market to sell.  Why wait until our homes are soon to be the ones someone else falls in love with?  Why not “style” our own homes for us to enjoy?  Today let’s look at this wonderful home and the 5 ways using an interior designer to style a home made a difference.

Scale And Balance


We’ve all been in homes that simply feel “right”.  Ultimately all of these rooms, no matter the decor, start off by having all furnishings placed according to the scale and balance of the space.  Not sure what this means?  When a space is to scale, it’s immediately clear of how to use the space.  When a space is balanced, we want to be a part of it.

When we arrived, this architecturally interesting living room was out of scale so much that we could not enter from the foyer without squeezing past one of the chairs.  Entering from the adjoining dining room, we quickly saw all the potential in this wonderful space.  Our clients thought the room had too much furniture in it and was crowded.  Let’s look at how we changed things up and even added “more” pieces!


Out Of The Box Thinking

Having our designers style your home means we are going to nudge you out of the “it’s always been this way” comfort zone and into the “Wow…I would have never thought of that!” mode.

Layered area rugs are a great look.  Who says they have to be so symmetrical?!


Using What You Already Own

Believe it or not, this design firm does not want our clients to toss everything they own and give us a blank slate when we begin a design.  The best designs are curated with furnishings you’ve had for awhile, or with pieces that you’ve purchased because you liked them but not sure how to use them.  A styling session with us is an in house shopping of what you already own.  We will use what you already have in new ways. 


Giving A Room A Purpose

Spaces that do not have a purpose have a hard time looking as we imagine.  We know we are to cook and eat in our kitchens and sleep in the bedrooms.  Other areas of our homes are up for grabs…we can use them in many different ways.  Our designers can make recommendations of how to best use a space to suit your life, now and in the future.


Did you notice the projector in the before photos?  Before this styling session, to use the projector meant taking the mirror down to see the show.  How great is it for this space to now be a focal point off both the dining room and living room and be a cool room for guys too?  That is if the gals will give it up!


Visual Appeal

We all want our homes to be appealing to our friends and families.  Our firm believes that when our clients are thrilled with their home’s interior design, everyone else will be too!

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  1. I feel like I learn so much from you!! The befores and afters always make such a difference. But it’s hard to see it when you live in it all the time. That’s why I totally love having you as a second set of eyes!!

    1. Thank you! Our firm has the heart of a teacher. Good design is for everyone and makes our homes our sanctuaries.

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