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We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each Sunday we share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  A design that caught our eye and made us stop and enjoy, like this one shared by nicholas obeid in house beautiful.  At first glance we see a rich explosion of color and pattern in this chic dining nook.  With a closer look, we notice each small detail that makes this space larger than life!

Ooooh…Here’s What I Love About This Interior’s Design!

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  • let’s start with the music we think must be in the background on a Sunday am…smokey jazz, a little Ella perhaps
  • a unifying repeat of sienna shades in the metal chippendale chairs and perforated chandelier shades
  • the silver and black bistro table grounds the other black accents-the piping on the chair pillows, polka dots on the dinner ware and flower vase, a coal black plate beneath the sunny oranges, the fun round lamp and an inky piece of small wall art
  • let’s sink our bare breakfast feet into this creamy fluffy rug, contrasting so nicely on aged parque wood flooring
  • how many times does the geometric square pattern repeat?  in the chair pillows, the far right neutral wall art, big time over the console table, another almost twilight zone art piece perched perfectly among equally balanced book stacks
  • back to the burled, two drawer console…it seems to float in space on a pair of acrylic legs
  • more acrylic elevates the loving couple plaster…it’s not a sandollar as we first thought
  • add in the gloss with the torso statue, the golden chargers and the glimmering poached pears…oh that color!
  • two perfect chair pillows pull all the elements together and prove that more is more in this inviting small space
  • the perfect white wall color blends the door, casing and base seamlessly
  • Sunday brunch for a few close friends…there has to be the best brewed coffee nearby!


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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Spy 6.16.19”

    1. You are right! For years I’ve saved a photo of a morococan plate that has all these shimmering shades in it. Always makes me smile when I look at it.

  1. You know what I really love? Is the mix of books and statue and flower on the table. The symmetry asymmetry of it just looks so perfect for some reason I can never get that right myself.

    1. Sometimes it’s trial d error. Or….we can walk you thru it virtually. It’s fun!

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