“Oh, How We Love A White Kitchen!” However…..

Are All White Kitchens Looking Alike?


We agree a white kitchen can be beautiful!  However, as of late, we’ve got more clients asking us what we think of the trend of shaker cabinets, marble tops, farm sinks and white subway tile.  Today, on another of our Friday Favorites, let’s look at a few new ways we can say, “Oh, How We Love A White Kitchen!”


White Kitchens Work In Vintage Architecture


Let’s look at this small kitchen above which is simply charming and has everything needed.  Looking at the narrow wall anchoring the counter run, we can tell a kitchen may not have been in this space originally.  However, look at the cutting boards perched in the deep window sill, the unique use of electrical for the pendant and ceiling lighting, and the years of character of the herringbone floor.  The sleek white cabinets and counter tops, with no wall splash at all,  are the perfect addition to this white kitchen!

White Kitchen Elements Are Versatile


Here we see a similar wood floor with slab design cabinet doors.  The layout uses a wall of tall, white cabinets to keep this kitchen as equally as simple as the one above.  Using a full marble wall splash changes up the design quickly.

Modern, White Kitchens Capitalize On Lighting Opportunities


At times we will have a client that truly wants a modern design for a kitchen yet are hesitant fearing the space will look “cold”.  Planning for multiple lighting sources is a great way to add warmth to white kitchens.

The Unconventional White Kitchen


Perhaps you remember this past post about  the deconstructed kitchen?     Some of our favorite kitchen designs do not have oodles of built in cabinets lining every inch of wall space.  Using several shades of soft whites together will pull an unconventional cookery together in no time.  Just look at this sweetie!

White Kitchens Can Max Out Storage Needs


The opposite of less is more, like the kitchen above, is a kitchen that utilizes every inch of space for maximum storage.  Keeping many of the elements, like this tone on tone for cabinet door and hardware color in the pale hues, creates a space easy to visually navigate.

Not Ready To Break The Decor Trend?

Alas, when a design trend lasts it is because the elements that make a space appealing are strong.  Crisp, squared door, white cabinets with bright metal hardware, are easy to work with in many decor.  Marble has been around for centuries (think Rome), does age and patina beautifully and is a classic look in white kitchens.  Wood floors are timeless and in many homes, islands are a huge asset to how we live.  However…..


Unique White Kitchens

Our clients depend on us to present design ideas that will make their homes unique, reflect their lifestyles and personalities while adding value.  Let’s look at this white kitchen again.  There are no traditional runs of base and upper cabients over a counter top yet a massive amount of covered, reachable storage.  Design oriented open shelves house usable products and the series of 4 light fixtures is so very custom.  Window sashes painted a sharp contrast feature all the natural light in this space.  Take a quick look at our own kitchens, or in photos we save, and we will see this footprint is not very different from hundreds of others.  We are all for kitchens that are a bit off trend.  Are you?

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9 thoughts on ““Oh, How We Love A White Kitchen!” However…..”

  1. Ever since we painted our cabinets white, I’ve been loving all white cabinets. But I do like a tidge more color…at least with the countertops or something. Some of the kitchens we have been looking at online are SO white.

    1. And perhaps not such a conventional layout? Buy an ugly kitchen and let’s design one that’s really “you”!

  2. I’m concerned about the fingerprints/smudges that white cabinets attract…what about the drip marks that are hidden on the darker cabinets? I’m not sold on white cabinets but there has to be a happy alternative.

    1. Everyone has our own comfort zone on cleaning up what life reveals. Finger prints are not such an issue on painted cabinets and to me I ca see the drips (coffee…thank you Mr LBD!) quicker in light colored cabinets.

  3. I have always loved white kitchens. I think you know that. Getting ready to paint our cabinets white in the very near future. 🙂

  4. White kitchens are timeless! However, I like to splash some color and go with more unusual colors in my kitchen, especially during summer. White kitchen, in my opinion, should have some details that show personality and character of the home owner and that’s when it’ll truly shine.

    1. This holds true for all areas in our homes….they can reflect us to the max! It’s what makes a house a home.

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