Creating An Entry With Our Favorite Pieces

We All Want An Inviting Foyer!

Some houses have a well defined foyer.  Others may not have a designated entry into their home.  Creating an entry with our favorite pieces will always make our homes feel inviting!


Wednesday “Wow”!


Recently, our firm worked with a client relocating from the Chicago area to sunny Florida.  Even though the architecture in the two areas vastly differs, we encourage clients to bring their most cherished furnishings to work into a new decor.

An Entry Behind The Door


Many times the architecture of a house does not have a designated “foyer”.  This does not mean we can’t create an inviting entry to our home.  In fact, some of the most welcoming entries come from unique layouts.  Look at this charming collection of platters and small table tucked into the niche behind the door.  Guest come in, close the door and instantly have an “ah ha” moment…all in about five square feet!


Plan The Entry Then Let It Evolve

Back to our Chicago client.  Behind the door in their new home, was a niche where this large console would fit in nicely.  We planned to use their dimensional mirror over the console and create an “ah ha” moment after guests entered their home.   However….


On moving day, they decided they would rather have this favorite piece in the hall off the foyer.  On the day of hanging art, and placing accessories, we found that in the larger space, more color in an art piece worked best.  The mirror is in the same area on the opposite wall.  The area behind the door is going to become an impactful black and white gallery wall of travel destinations.  Notice the mustard color vessels on the console?  They were previously on the mantle in Chicago.  We evolve and so can our furnishings!


One more thing….notice the baskets below the console?  Lamp cord control!


Creating An Entry With Obstacles


In this last example, we will compare the perfectly staged entry above, to a real life situation of no designated foyer in a modern apartment.




This entry is 6’ and has to accomodate the 3′ entry door when it is opened.  The electrical panel box and thermostat are obstacles.   Solution:  Create a mini gallery wall with art that covers the box and draws our eyes in multiple directions.  The handmade bowl is the perfect place for keys, the black glass vase is often filled with the markets fresh flowers and the copper vase on the floor is just cool becasue it’s unexpected.


Unlike the beautiful example above, with the lamp but no outlet, this space does have the advantage of electric.  Here an Alexa speaker is in this prime location.  Could easily have been a skinny lamp as well.

Can Working With An Interior Designer Make A Difference?


There is a misconception in the design industry that using an interior designer is only for new homes, clients with unlimited budgets, projects where all furnishings are new, and clients who do not want to be involved in the process.  Poppycock.  All that is required to benefit working with the right interior designer, is the desire to have our homes be the best they can be. Remember this past post?  A wonderful collaboration!

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