Creating A Baking Station

Is Baking An Art Or A Science?

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Probably depends on who we ask!  What we do know is that bakers have specific storage and work space needs.  Today on another Friday Favorites, lets look at some wonderful baker’s stations.

Nothing Like A Cool Slab Of Marble To Get A Baker Excited!


Cooks can use nearly all kinds of counter top surfaces.  However, for a baker that designated slab of a non stick stone can make all the difference!  Designer Tip:  We will often spec a slab to be cut to lay on top of an existing counter top.  This serves the purpose for the baker and has an added benefit of being able to be used in several spots or even relocated to a new home.

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Friday Favorites!

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Accommodating A Baker’s Mixer


Of all the storage solutions we have been asked to design for these wonderful Kitchen Aid mixers, we’ve found two that work well.  First is the under cabinet lift that allows for the unit to come up to be used without lifting it from a lower storage cabinet.  Next is to store the unit in sight, where it will be used, and  making it part of the decor!  Both prevent pulled back muscles.  These puppies are heavy!


Storing A Baker’s Goods


Methods for storing bulk baking goods in convenient, easy reach locations can be hidden or in sight.  It’s a personal preference!


Don’t Forget The Baker’s Helper!

Doesn’t the little chair above bring back memories of helping your Mom or Nana?  How special that this designer planned ahead for this special time with a cubbie just the right size to tuck away a chair or stool!   And what about the ingenuity of using a cart to move the mixer and baking goods into the kitchen when ready.


Baking:  An Open and Closed Case

The jury is equally divided on this one.  Some of our clients love the idea of seeing all their favorite baking items on display.  Others prefer to have the option to close doors and call it a day.  Both ways are simply charming…don’t you agree?



Not A Baker?

Don’t worry.  Do what I do! Make sure you have several friends who love to toss the white stuff around and don’t mind cleaning up the mess.  If you feel guilty about them doing all the work you can always offer gift cards for supplies.  Bakers love to share their labors with others!




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