Two Interior Designers-Two Ways To Recharge


How Do You Feel After A Long Weekend?


Monday can come pretty fast after a long holiday weekend.  Join us today and see how our team of two interior designers….recharge in different ways.


Motivational Monday

Friends often think how lucky we are to be independent interior designers and make our own hours.  Being in front of our computers way before the rest of the business world is even parked, or still working on a project when others are heading to bed, means our own hours are long on a regular basis.  Therefore, when both Laurel and I see that our schedules allow for a few days off, at the same time, we grab the chance to recharge in our own ways.


Recharge At The Beach


Mr. LBD Jr. and I spent four days with friends at the beach.  Walking in the salty air breeze, listening to the rhythm of the waves is relaxing.  Bopping around in the water…refreshing.  Celebrating our nation’s birthday made the long weekend complete.  I’m ready for Monday and to get back to our “lucky” routine!

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Recharge By Staying Home

I can fib and say that because Mr. LBD and I live in Florida, we don’t have to travel to get our toes wet.  However, the truth is we seldom go to the beach because I don’t like it and he accomodates me. (most of the time)   Honestly, this long holiday weekend fell into place for me because Kristen had company goals for us last week so she could leave and enjoy her time at the beach.  We found ourselves with 4 days without commitments and were free to explore our new walkable city.




We have not used the car since Wednesday.  We’ve dined alfresco for several lunches and dinners while enjoying live music by a jazz trio we have stalked around town.  We saw a live performance at one of our local theaters and popped into clubs for late night desserts.  In town, because of the holiday, streets were closed off to display the boats for the regatta and to feature local artists.  Spending more hours in the am and evening in pjs, we finished books and watched several movies.  We watched the city fireworks from our own building’s pool area without having to fight traffic or park!  Yes, I’m refueled and recharged and ready for our “lucky” routine!



This amazing cheese board is available at a place we are fast becoming regulars.   99Bottles Taproom & Bottle Shop is a beer joint that graciously accomodates wine drinkers.

Happy Monday!


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