The Sunday Spy 7.14.19

The Summer Bedroom

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We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each Sunday we share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  A design that makes us stop and enjoy, like this one shared by thehavenlist.  At first glance we see a crisp, light filled bedroom.  With a closer look, we appreciate the many precision details that have us lingering a few seconds more!

Ooooh…Here’s What I Love About This Interior’s Design!

littleblackdomicile-laurel-interior-designer-over- 50

  • raw, washed beams tucked neatly in the room’s tray ceiling
  • coordinating, tailored upholstered headboard and bed skirt in a slightly textured oatmeal linen
  • vintage Asian alter bench customized with straps to hold down the puffy cushion
  • added color with navy and white patterned drape panels, with black rods…and look how they are anchored to the tray ceiling instead of the conventional wall mounted hardware
  • full wall french doors that open “out” to a private sitting area
  • did you catch the white roman shade across these doors and windows?  nearly invisibe yet ready to let us sleep in!
  • the absence of art, over the bed, works in this complete decor-we see a framed work on the other wall
  • a pair of open, dark night tables with just enough storage in a single drawer
  • soft, textural carpet, yes carpet, is nice for feet just out of bed
  • the stainless, three blade ceiling fan is an unexpected mix of modern design
  • wish we could see more of the white dresser but do appreciate the benefits of the glass top to a delicate piece
  • a fiddle leaf fig, outside, and the small plant next to the bed, add the perfect amount of greenery to the decor
  • identical lamps ready for when the sun goes down
  • lets look at these crisp, yet invitingly soft, white linens on the bed…oooooh that pom blanket would be great for a nap!
  • another hint of color with another patterned lumbar accent bed pillow
  • our guest has just come off the private deck, after a quick look at her accommodations, and is in the kitchen telling us how good it is to see us!
  • a big smile on our face

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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Spy 7.14.19”

  1. I just love the beams over the bed like that!! I can’t wait to get your input on our new place.

    1. Yes they do and fairly easy to add when they don’t have to support anything!

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