Paint-A Little Dab Will Do Ya!

Giving A Gallery Art Wall A Home


At the tail end of Sunday’s “We Spy With Our Designer Eye” post, we talked about the right way to do a gallery art wall.  Today we state our case and share how much of an impact a little dab of paint will have!

3 Easy Steps To An Impactful Galley Art Wall



Just like talk, paint is cheap and we mean that in a good way!  Black paint is one of our favorite little designer tricks.  A dab of this mysterious color means instant design.  Pehaps you remember this past post with the 20 year old black dining room ceiling and painted to sell front door?

2-Art Selection and Layout


Another designer trick, that everyone can do, is to play with the layout of art on the floor first.  Granted, we had fun using all these travel destination pencil sketches on this wonderful hide rug, and the photos are fab, but this technique works every time on any floor.

3-Make The Hole and Hang!


Lastly, go for it.  Sometimes too much thinking, or over measuring is for naught.  A gallery wall is an extension of the art we love.  The way we display this art is a large part of reflecting our personalities.  See how we left plenty of room for additions?  Is any gallery wall ever complete?

Lather, Rinse and Repeat

Accent paint walls make the most impact when they stand alone, yet allow other walls to compliment them.  Using nearby art, that has a relationship to the gallery wall, is a way to create a cohesive design.

Wednesday “Wow”!


What We Like Best About This Design

New home builders don’t always think through all the design opportunites when developing a plan.  In this case, the large wall niche area is behind the door.  Creative interior design and a little dab of paint…will certainly do ya!


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  1. A black wall? Now that’s so cool!! Maybe we can try that in our new house somewhere? We do have a bunch of family photos. Do you always have the frames the same?

    1. Little things have big impacts. Just like your post today on your LBD with white!

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