Dreaming Of A New Deck

A Gal Has To Have Her Lookout Deck


Recently, a very dear client of ours completed the nearly three year planning and renovation of their outdoor space.  To say the whole family has been dreaming of a new deck is an understatement!

Mother Nature Knows Where To Put A Deck


Ok, so this may not have been a naturally made pond, but Mother Nature certainly is responsible for keeping the water line up and creating a beautiful view for this entire neighborhood.  However…

Mother Nature Can Also Be Responsible For Deck Decay

Just as quickly as we can all gasp at the beauty of this amazing waterway, we can also gag at what the elements can do to a wood structure.  Add in the size of this puppy that runs almost the length of the entire house, and with 2 levels, and doing a renovation can be daunting.

Starting With A New Deck Concept

Before we go any further, we want to say that our role in this project was minimal.  Our clients are very hands on in both the planning and implementation management with every project they take on.  They are a joy to watch in action.  Honestly, all we do is give them a jumpstart on a concept and they run with it.  In this case, due to labor and budget considerations, the race was a marathon but well worth it.  Today they share the project with all of us on another….

Wednesday “Wow”!



Above you see how it all started with some simple “adult” coloring to talk about the decks design concept.  Our goal was to create a space that equaled the caliber and decor of the interior finishes.  A design that allowed the deck, and patio below to extend “from” the house and not appear to be simply “attached” to the house.  During the planning, we drove to the other side of the lake to see what others would see when they looked at the new structure.  We wanted it to stand out from the others a bit, yet compliment the neighboring properties.

                          BEFORE                                                      AFTER


So many of our clients do such a great job creating homes that are The Perfect LBD for their families.  To assist, we offer virtual design packages that are specifically for clients who want to implement a projet themselves and would like to collaborate with a designer.

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 We welcome the opportunity to be part of your team!

Back To This Lovely New Deck!

While some of the initial design concept is evident, the opportunities that evolved during the project are even more exciting!  Our client worked closely with her innovative, and experienced, contractor to achieve so much more.  The photos speak for themselves!



The Perfect LBD

Using black, white and a rich wood grain really works so well with the main house’s brick and trim.  Want to see the “orange” house before photo again?



You can see that the original structure included a screened, covered area on the upper deck.  During the construction, a decison was made to leave this covered area open.  With the new ceiling fan, to keep any pests away, it is amazing how much of a difference no screens (and supports) make!

Deck Decor

See, our client really does not need us at all!  Don’t you love the decor?!  Blending the inside and outside…mission accomplished!

After All This Work…Mother Nature Takes All The Credit!


Thank you to our clients for allowing us to share another interior design project that just happens to be outside!

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  1. Gosh, I love the white columns as such a contrast!! And the turquoise chairs…because as my good friend, Laurel, always says….everything needs a pop of turquoise!!

    1. Always great to work with clients with such passion for their homes!

    1. The contractor did such a wonderful job making this design come to life.

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