Living Large In A Small Space

How Can We Have Overnight Guests In Such A Small Home? copy.png

Mr. LBD was sure we’d lose all our friends if we moved to a smaller home, without a large guest room… or two.  I win this time!

Ways To Make A Small Space Live Large

Mirrors are a no brainer to make small rooms appear brighter.  Placing one low enough to be used with a dresser surface creates counter space to use.  Leave at least the top two dresser drawers empty and show guest they are available.

The Special Touches

Add in a few “I’m glad you are here!” touches.  It’s easy to keep bottled water on hand and grab some seasonal flowers at the grocery.  Let guests know its ok to light a candle by leaving matches out.

Add Color To A Neutral Decor

Color always makes us all feel happy.  Laying out fresh towels makes us all feel like we are at a spa.  Mr. LBD saw this and now expects it on his bed.  Dream on.

Music Fills A Small Space

For a small investment, every room can have Alexa as the hostess.

Use Interesting Furniture & Art In Unexpected Ways

Guest rooms often get the “leftover” furniture and art.  Why not start with some of our best pieces in the room where we host the people most special to us?


Pampering The Host

Living in a smaller place, that takes less daily care, allows us time to actually get blooms into a vase and enjoy them!  And why let our guests be the only one with flowers?

Hosting In A Smaller Space Let’s Us Live Large!

Now Mr. LBD has more time to hone his cocktail skills…jury still out with me about this purple gin.  Sidenote :  He has called me the Empress for years so I guess this is for me!


Be Your Own Guest

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12 thoughts on “Living Large In A Small Space”

  1. Now that’s an excellent point about the leftover furniture.I’m going to keep that in mind at our new place.

  2. Love these ideas for guest spaces! Unfortunately, every room in our house is filled. Any ideas for turning an exercise room into a guest bedroom? Maybe screens to hide the exercise equipment? Cheers!

    1. Wouldn’t that be a great idea to host bloggers in all of our homes!

  3. I love the personal touches – and how you folded the towels, and how you added fresh flowers – very inviting indeed.

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