How To Entertain When “Baby It’s Hot Outside!”

Bring The “Alfresco” Dining Inside!


While it is too hot, in most places, to eat outside right now…why don’t we entertain like it’s a holiday and bring the alfresco dining inside!

Entertain Inside With Hot Grilled Food

Serious cooks know all about Food 52 for unique kitchen items that make cooking a pleasure.  Did you know they are a great source for recipes too?  Like this  Peach & Apricot grilled salad.  Send the one who “hates winter” out to grill these babies while we play house with the table settings!


Friday Favorites!


Join us today as we share these Pinterest photos of tablescapes that bring the Alfresco dining inside with flair!

Take A Clue From An Event Table


Most of us have been to events, like a beautiful wedding or special occasion, where the table is a knockout.  We ooooh and aaaaah and a brief thought says “yes we can do this at home”.  Then reality sets in, our life gets crazy and we don’t think about table setting until the busy holiday season.

4 Quick Ways To Entertain Inside During The Summer



1-Coordinate Color & Cut Flowers


2-Mix Everyday Dishes With Something Unexpected



3-Use Cloth Linens


4-Use Food As Part Of The Decor

There you go.  It’s Friday…pick up a bouquet of grocery store flowers, some fresh fruit and play with the table this weekend.  Especially if there are no plans to entertain and this is for our eyes only!

What do you do to make a meal special?

(leave us a comment please!)

Baby It’s Hot “Inside”!

Before we sign off into the weekend, we’d like to share this perfect burger recipe from kj&company.  Kate’s blog is back with a bang!



Bon Weekend!

See you Sunday for Another

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  1. This is exactly the reminder I need. I am terrible at this, yet it’s so pretty and not that hard.

    1. A few minutes planning and a few minutes to execute! What an impact this can have on our daily lives too.

    1. And the idea of a burger on nice plates, with no bugs, is appealing!

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