Show Your Dresser Some Love

What’s In Your Drawers?


Perhaps this is too personal of a subject.  However, re-thinking how to use a dresser can really show your dresser some love!

Motivational Monday


Last week, in week two of our Summer Mini Series Get Organized, we talked about hosting guests in a smaller home.  Week one we explored how to work with a closet in a new space.  Today let’s get motivated to revamp our dresser drawers!


Personally, I have never used a dresser, or in this case a 5 drawer chest, on a regular basis.  In most of our past abodes, I have created space for items, traditionally in a dresser, on open shelves.  Totes and trays have always allowed me to see everything at a glance.  So at nearly 60 years old, I am learning the best way to use drawers for storage.

Maximize The Top Of The Dresser


Mr. LBD has great taste.  Even his shirt boxes are classy.  I quickly commandeered this box for scarfs.  At first, in our new home, I placed the box in the dresser drawer.  It fit fine, but had to be removed to open the box.  Sitting on top of the dresser allows the box to open easily.  The box is substantial enough that other items can rest on top of it while being sorted.





Additionally, I tried keeping eyeglasses in the drawers.  Big fail.  They were everywhere and I couldn’t grab them quickly.  A basket on top of the dresser works better.  A bonus to having a dresser top is personalizing it with this chalk of our son when he was small and the other of yours truly with my Dad.  See I really am a Florida gal after all.

Make Each Drawer Make Sense

Nix Organizers That Don’t Work

These clear divided trays worked very well in a make up cabinet in our last home.  I was thrilled they fit so nicely in this dresser drawer and promptly give them top billing.  Another fail.  This drawer became a collection of unorganized miscellanous items that included the eyeglasses.




So out came the dividers. Having the top drawer empty inspired me to look at the contents of the other drawers.  During the rush of unpacking, I had randomly placed things in them without really thinking what would work best for me.  Pjs, jewelry and undies were all mixed together.  I told you I had very little experience with drawers!



Dresser Drawers Are Not Just For Clothes

Drawers accomodate so many needs in both kitchens and baths.  Once I wrapped by head around the idea that for a gal who likes to hang most of her clothes, I made quick use of this chest of drawers.  (yes I know it is not technically a dresser) Here’s what ended up working for me from the top drawer down.

  • pjs and bathing suits
  • jewelry and the misc items condensed to one small tray
  • all under garments and socks
  • empty drawer
  • sweaters and belts



Wait…There Is An Empty Drawer?

To be fair to everyone who is saying, “but what about workout clothes and who has only a few sweaters?”  We live in Florida and I don’t work out.  So this empty drawer is going to be for purses.


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21 thoughts on “Show Your Dresser Some Love”

  1. Dang, our drawers are SO stuffed. Let’s just say I need to practice minimalism more..ha ha!!
    I love the idea of writing on the glasses. I have mine in a silverware organizer but without the cases.

    1. Oh my…glasses without a case! What about scratches and smudges? I am probably too much of a pinhead about that but it works for me. Moving is always the ultimate way to organize!

  2. My dresser drawers are full, as well as my armoire plus I have a small chest referred to as a lingerie. I have moved several times and my bedroom furniture has held up well. I gifted this furniture to myself after my husband, at that time, passed away. It is Ethan Allen, now 25 yrs-old, and worth every penny I spent. Besides its quality, I love the fact I can change my decor and give it a whole new look. My glasses always are in a case when I am not wearing them.

    1. A+ on glasses care. Sounds like the drawer situation is working for you.

      1. Well, I think it depends on what we get used to. I like organization and the drawers usually get reorganized around a seasonal change.

  3. Great tips! I love how you’re going to use one of the drawers for purses 🙂 Dressers can definitely be multifunctional!

    1. Purses, glasses, shows and jewelry allow me to have fewer clothes and never look the same!

    1. Especially baskets that are just the right size for something. Love the portability of a basket.

  4. I love how you organized all those eyeglasses. My husband has several pairs now and they are all over the place. Going to use your idea, which is brilliant BTW!

    1. Silver Sharpie works great on black plastic cases from dollar tree!

  5. Nice drawers! I need to revisit mine again some day. After the summer weather, when I’m stuck inside and need a project, right?! Great tips, thanks for sharing.

    1. Organizing is like getting a hair cut…when the mood hits we want it done “NOW”! Most successful when it’s a mission I think.

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