How To Reuse, Renovate, Re-Purpose And Create Residential Architecture

Who Says A Tiger Can’t Change It’s Stripes?


Does your heart skip a beat when you walk, or drive, past a piece of architecture that has been renovated and repurposed to be used for residential living?

Living & Working In A Bank Building

Kristen will remember a meeting we had years ago, in the common areas of the former bank building Mr. LBD and I were living in when she was about to finish college.  We lived in two different units in this industrial loft and enjoyed the perks of underground, secure, free parking and being able to walk across the street to a bar/restaurant where “everybody knew your name”.  Looking back I think both Kristen and I were thinking how nice it would be to work together (and here we are approaching 5 years of being a team now).



Friday Favorites!


We admit it.  Both Kristen and I find it hard to pass up the idea of living in a space that originally was not intended for residential use.  She lived in a converted textile warehouse for awhile.  Today on yet another Friday Favorites, dream with us about living in some of these re-purposed, renovated spaces that really know how to re-use architecture!


Renovate A Former Auto Warehouse

Portland, Oregon-Dwell-Photo: Matthew Williams-Repurpose-Auto-Warehouse
Photo: Matthew Williams

Re-purpose A Previous Manufacturing Plant

Paris-Dwell-Photo: Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott-Renovate-Manufacturing-Warehouse
Photo: Michael Graydon + Nikole Herriott

Reuse A Cinder Block Duplex

Dwell-Photo: Chris Edwards-Reuse-Cinder-Block-Duplex
Photo: Chris Edwards

Re-purpose A Shipping Dock

Dwell-Photo: Dean Kaufman-Repurpose-Shipping-Dock
Photo: Dean Kaufman

All of these creative designs have been shared via Dwell . Thoughts about what we find so intriguing about each one are our own.


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Everyone Enjoys Living In A Renovated, Re-Purposed Space!

At the time, friends thought we were crazy to live downtown in a small place.  What about the dog?  The grandkids?  You can see, they all did just fine.  Monkey see, monkey do!

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7 thoughts on “How To Reuse, Renovate, Re-Purpose And Create Residential Architecture”

  1. These are the coolest ideas. We were watching HGTV once and someone had renovated a church. Talk about super cool!!

    1. We almost bought a church once. Mr LBD fought hard for that one. I said no way to 15 Sunday school rooms turned into bedrooms! The baptismal tank as hot tub was enticing tho. 😜

  2. I love seeing buildings repurposed into homes, in fact I follow several people o Instagram that are converting a church, a school and a barn into homes, all are in the UK and they are all doing the work themselves, it is quite impressive to watch.

    Have a wonderful weekend ladies.

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