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Organization Never Tasted So Good!


As most of you know by now, Mr. LBD and I are currently renting a great apartment in a totally walkable city.  However, the shortest, first walk into the bathroom everyday was driving me nuts!  So I combined two of my favorite things…food and organization.  Here’s how to eat your way to organization!


Motivational Monday!

Last week, we asked “what’s in your drawers” as we continued our mini-series on organization.  Today we share how to organize some of the world’s smallest vanity drawers.

These drawers have 9″ fronts, that means they are just a hair over 6″ inside.  To add injury to insult, their is a whopping total of three of them!  The top drawer is short and the bottom two are almost too deep and everything tips over in them.  So unlike my normal anal  particular self, I threw things in haphazardly and told myself I could live like this.  Fail.


Capitalizing On The Eating When Stressed Thing

After experiencing yogurt in France years ago, I am a yogurt snob.  None of the “feels just like yogurt” mimics for me.  Put yogurt in a personalized glass jar and walla it’s dessert!  It has always bothered me to toss these cute little containers, but after trying to get the labels off, I caved and threw so many of them out.

After several weeks of hunting thru these “unique” sized drawers for lipstick, I tried a haphazard idea of corralling them in a jar and leaving them on the counter.


Delightful Unexpected Organization

Lo and behold the smallest top drawer is just perfect for the jar with “things” in them.  You can see, I’ve eaten quite a bit of yogurt lately!


Placing two sided tape on the bottom of the jar prevents them from sliding around.  I’ve found securing the rear jars holds the others in place in the drawer. You can also see, I’m over trying to get the labels off.


Organizing The Cavern Under The Sink

The area under the bathroom sink offers a lot of real estate for storage.  Yet this is one area that can become a mess quickly.  Because this is a rental home, I used things we already owned to quickly organize this area.  Deep boxes, with lids, are great for misc items not used every day.  You can see a gold box under one of the racks.  It houses a back up of each make up/skin care product I use.  This is my one in one out box.


Below are several items that help me keep this area manageable.

First is the rubber mesh liner.  I can almost pass out at the site of hair stuck on something (even if it is my own) and so this kind of liner hides all this.  Every so often I can simply roll up the mess and start fresh.

Next are the cabinet riser racks.  These are leftovers, but we use the expandable/stackable ones below often.  These can really quaduaple storage in this vast space.

under sink-vanity-organization-littleblackdomicile-organizing-vanities-mini-series


shelf liners 

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 12.05.20 PM.png

cabinet risers

Finally, small drawer organizers can help in many different ways.  Another unexpected use for me is to have a morning and nighttime tray with products.  Even if we move to a place with much better storage options, I will keep this idea.  Look at these…black and white…you know that is our jam at LBD!


drawer trays

Flexible Organization

The best organization comes when we are flexible and work with what we have.  Everyone has a different comfort level of what is acceptable.  Yours truly would have never gone for towels on the counter….life changes.


What Organizational Method Has Surprised You?

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22 thoughts on “Eat Your Way To Organization”

  1. I love seeing how your brain works this way, Laurel. I’m also a huge fan of using what we have. I think the labels on the jars add character. But you know a real DIYer (not me) would paint them or something…with the labels on!!

    1. I guess I am a lazy DIY’er! Our editor sent me a link on how to remove the labels and I quickly told her they will all be waiting for her!

  2. Great ideas for storage. I buy plastic buckets and boxes from the Dollar store for storage under sinks. They’re easy to clean and keep things organized.

  3. I love your de-cluttering methods. I too just bought a new lipstick and was wondering how to arrange everything in my bathroom cabinet. Looks like I’ll be eating Oui yogurt. A lot!

  4. I love your idea of having a tray for daytime and nighttime products! Surprisingly I have even less drawer space in my summer home than you have, but I’m blessed with ample counter space. As soon as I finished reading your topic yesterday I made up a tray with my nighttime products. Last night was the first test and I loved it. There are quite a few products in my tray and while I don’t use all of them every night, it was like picking from a menu – what does my skin deserve tonight?

    1. You know exactly what is in my tray! Guess I am an alacart type of gal!

  5. “Oui” for organizing and tasty yogurt… Love both! And you are right, life changes, and the best way to keep smiling (or keep our sanity) is to adapt. These a nice tips Laurel.

  6. I love the idea of using these little yogurt glass jars for organization. I usually throw them away as well.

    Thank you so much for sharing your link to the beautiful photos of the Broma Bakery photo workshop! Each one is fabulous, I especially love the ice cream.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

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