Dealing With The Dreaded Computer Bug!

Feeling Under The Weather


Thanks to everyone who sent us an SOS, in our recent absence, while we nursed a computer bug this week.

Computer Bug Update

Remember the days of doing everything we could to nurse a loved one back to health?  A sick child, furry friend, or the worse…. a spouse?  At the first signs of distress, we go into combat mode diagnosing then researching the remedy.  We do everything we can to make the situation better, but the darn thing keeps coming back in one way or another.

Sick Computer=Exhausted Blogger

Let me tell you, after 4 days of a sick computer, I’ll never complain about cleaning up after any mammal again!  To top it all off, the virus that started off as a small sniffle was blown into a big time flu by operator error trying to fix things!  URGH!

Advice From Our Editor

Our wise editor suggested we link a few of our past posts for a few days to give us time to heal and make sure this bug is gone.  One sympathetic blogger friend told us not to worry, that readers will go back into the archives and find posts they missed to get their fix.  Today we heed the advice of both and share a few blasts from the past.

Motivational Monday……Please Be Nice This Week!


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5 thoughts on “Dealing With The Dreaded Computer Bug!”

  1. Gosh that’s terrible. We depend on our technology now and when it doesn’t work….
    And giving the computer tea and rest doesn’t work😂!

    1. Nope…tea is not her thing. She’s more of a coke and chocolate kind of gal!

    1. It was all the task we ask her to do…and then my error when “fixing” it! Ugh!

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