How Much Does It Cost To Have An Interior Designer In Your “Toolbox”?

Do You Think Using An Interior Designer Will Be Too Expensive?

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More than anything else, interior design is a very personal service.  We pay for all kinds of other services for our homes, often our largest asset, so why not learn more about what it costs to work with an interior designer?

Medium Dress 2 Two Major Misconceptions About Hiring An Interior Designer

“Our Project Is Too Small”

Our design firm does not look for “projects”, we curate relationships.  Therefore, no project is too small.  We want to have you as a client and build a long term relationship.  Our home’s needs change just as rapidly as our lives do.

Today you may need advice to be confident about a paint color selection.  Tomorrow your bathroom may need some tweaking.  Later you may move into a new house that works differently from your previous home.  Sometimes you may just want a quick restyling of the space you have.

Being the client of the right designer is timeless.

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“Designers’ Fees Are Too Expensive”

Really?  Have you asked or are you just assuming?  Our firm has hourly rates that are the same for every client, in every budget.  We love nothing more than to chat with you and be given the opportunity to show you what we can accomplish together within the number of hours you want to allocate to each project.  For the cost of a nice dinner, and a bottle of wine, you could start working with your new, lifelong designer pretty quickly.



The Role Of Interior Design


Every one of us lives in some kind of structure we call home.  Every house is unique.  Different sizes, architectures, and in various locations.  However, all are similar in their roles of being our personal sanctuaries.  We will eat, sleep, work, play, laugh and cry in these structures.  Good design is about working with what we have and making it fit our needs.



Notice this quote does not say anything about money being the key to great design.  The cost of using an interior designer varies with each project. We encourage our prospective clients to be honest with us about the budget and tell us their expectations.

Our Interior Design Goal

LBD wants everyone to be able to live in a home where good interior design is making day to day life the best it can be.  We also want to break the stereotype that using an interior designer is too expensive to consider.  The best way to find out for sure is to ask us!

“I’d have used laurelbledsoedesign much sooner if I had known how reasonable the fees were going to be compared to what we were able to accomplish.  We will be using them again for our next project.” -SH

LBD Virtual Interior Design

Looking for a way to work with an interior designer in your pj’s, from your computer?  If so, learn more about our virtual design packages here. 


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7 thoughts on “How Much Does It Cost To Have An Interior Designer In Your “Toolbox”?”

    1. Thanks for the comment…I also want to say that swe don’t go into a project “trying” to save a client money, but we do always try to give options and offer value to all projects.

  1. Great information! I think people do not realize the time and money that it costs when you do a project yourself and it doesn’t turn out the way you thought, for example, the wrong size furniture, fabrics, etc. With the help of a designer you can eliminate these problems. Have a great day.

  2. Honestly, I’m really willing to engage an interior designer – we did this e. g. for our bathroom and this room turned out fantastic! Our not really satisfying sofa we chose and bought last by ourselves is the best proof that it is better to engage a interior designer 🙂
    xx Rena

    1. It’s nice to be on a designer’s full time client list…for every need no matter the size. One bathroom, a sofa or an entire house.

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