A Pretty Powder Room Makeover

Wednesday “Wow”!

So often when we feature a renovation project, we begin with the “not so pretty” before shots.  Today, however, we just couldn’t wait to share this pretty powder room makeover’s after photos!

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Now onto how this exceptional bath came to be!

Our clients are nothing short of amazing!  This bathroom project was part of an entire 3 story townhouse renovation.  Nearly every inch of this property has been lovingly updated into a welcoming home, ready for friends and family.

Now This Is A Bathroom Ready For A Makeover!

Early in the planning, we all tossed about the idea of removing this tub and creating a conventional powder room featuring a sink and commode.  After a bit of consideration, we suggested to leave the full bathroom intact both for future use, resale and to avoid the cost of reconfiguring the space.  Let’s take a look at how easy this was achieved working with these incredible DIY clients!

Makeovers Start With Inspiration

Several things immediately came to mind to turn this full bath into a powder room.  Glitz, glam and a bit of drama!  A unique console sink, unexpected statement lighting, and a floor that wows, all in a moody color palette did just the trick.


The existing vanity, at only 24″ wide, still felt like an elephant in the space.  An open leg chrome and marble sink opened up the space with interest.

Using Past Favorites In A Makeover

Our client has such the eye for decor.  In their previous home, a black and white checker board floor made such a statement.  How wonderful to be able to bring a bit of her signature into the new home with the marble floor.  A patterned floor always makes a small space look larger.

Next, as we continue to look at the after photos, notice the large mirror and pair of wall sconces.  This mirror is another piece our clients had used in their previous home.  Love being able to use this large mirror, in such a fantastic frame.  Chrome, gold, bronze…all these finishes jump off the classic smokey paneled walls.

Does A Powder Room Have A Tub?

Yes, conventionally there are no tubs in most powder rooms.  But really why not when one exists?  With some applied molding above the white tile, and a pair of drapery panels (and isn’t the gold just fab!), this tub can be a fun after dinner grandkid spot to make new memories.

A Final Look Of This Pretty Powder Room

Oh, and the art, of course these perfect pieces were in our clients arsenal!

In closing, we want to share one more important detail about this project.  The other half of this team was hands on to not only manage the entire renovation, but also did so much of the work himself.  We seldom saw him without a paintbrush near by!


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    1. Credit goes to our clients on this one….such inspiration and hands on labor!

  1. OMG…that molding above the shower is fabulous. I’m glad you pointed out that detail. We (uh, I mean I) want to change out the shower in our guest bathroom and I’d like to add some interest with not too big a budget!!

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