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We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each  Sunday  we share a design that caught our eye.  An interior’s design that made us pause, savor and enjoy.  Like this one shared by mohdshopnordiacdesign.  At first, we are intrigued by this unconventional kitchen design.  With a closer look, we see all the charming details and start dreaming of a new kitchen for ourselves.

Ooooh…Here’s What I Love About This Interior Design!

littleblackdomicile-laurel-interior-designer-over- 50

  • oh my…look at this row of task lighting right where a serious cook needs them!
  • love, love, love the elevated ledge that runs along the entire length of this cooking area
  • favorite oils and spices, at an arms reach yet off of the counter
  • a serious gas cooktop with a flush ceiling exhaust…this is exactly the best spot for an exhaust!
  • copper candlesticks just barely noticable in front of the weathered brick columns
  • washed wood, wide plank floors so life friendly
  • chef’s love a sink so close to the cookery
  • what about the sink faucet wall mounted in the ledge?
  • frosty white walls blend seamlessly into a chunky quartz counter
  • hardware free, deep, deep drawer storage offers endless possibilities for all our kitchen storage needs
  • rich, almost like wet coffee grounds, wood cabinetry contrasts the lighter color palette
  • perfect, petite white spot lights direct more light into this unique space
  • creamy, modern, molded plastic chairs pull right up to a worn wood table just waiting to be filled with a Sunday brunch
  • cookbook and kitchenaid mixer ready for some late morning baking
  • glass French doors sit in a deep cased pocket, drawing us into an after dinner comfort fest
  • the focal star of the decor…this bent wood woven statement fixture over the table
  • we can imagine a bank of tall cabinets, with a flush set refrigerator and oven stack, finishing off this compact yet inspiring design
  • a just out of bed, sleepy toddler asking mama if they are having pancakes
  • the family golden lab ready to lick the plates!

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    1. Lighting always makes a design…when it actualy is task related…all the better!

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