Fall, Food, Fashion and Friday Favorites

More “F” Words

Or if you are like us, the end of a productive, but exhausting work week, also means frazzled, fried and finally…it’s Friday!  

Finishing Up A Friday

Designers are no different from anyone else when it comes to needing a little inspiration to push us thru the last work day of the week (hopefully!).  A visual boost, with no obligation to read or comprehend any text usually gets our juices flowing and clears our heads to finish up the week with a bang.  I have archives of food photos and Kristen has loads of photos for her fashion passion.  Join us today for our Friday Favorites of some inspirational Fall Interior Designs!

Fall Fashion, Food & Interior Design Inspiration


Friday Favorites!

Let’s just look at photos of all the wonderful fall colors in things we love!


And Always Join Us For Friday Favorites!

Bon Weekend!

Note:  All of the photos in today’s post are from our archives.  Sources unknown and lovingly shared with all respect to the photographers who have posted them online previously in social media sites.

Join Us Sunday…For Another

“We Spy With Our Designer Eye”


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  1. Another “F” word?? Filogomo. It’s funny because when we spell it to people, we always start with “F as in Fantastic”. It’s so much better than how Rob used to say “F as in Frank” LOL!!!

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