The Sinful Pleasure Of An Afternoon Bath

Letting Our Home Take Care Of Us


There is nothing as easy, or as beneficial, as a good soak to strip away life’s tension. Sneaking away in the middle of a day for a bath is almost sinful!



Motivational Monday

Here we go again.  Another Monday that promises a week full of both opportunities and challenges.  Each can be equally exhausting and by Friday we are ready for some serious decompression time.

Sure an appointment for a massage sounds great, but honestly to me that is sometimes just another commitment.  What I much prefer, midday during a weekend of domestic duties, is 30 minutes or so of letting our own home take care of me!

 Economic Bath Essentials

Most of us have a tub that is just waiting to be center stage for once.  Plan to gather a few ecomomic items, splurge on a new razor, add aroma to the water and our very own bathrooms become a spa!



My natural bath sponge is eons old and still going strong.  It holds lots of water, yet dries fast.  Always smells so good teamed with whatever bath soap that has made the cut.   A new men’s razor is not as pretty as ours, but cost less and often does a better job.  Love the contrast of the hot bath water, filled with the healing (and softening) power of epsom salts and an ice pack to reduce facial puffiness and a stiff neck.  I’m terrible about drinking water.  (So many other good beverages out there!)  So I trick myself into thinking its a treat by keeping bottles I love ice cold.  Hydrating from both the outside and in is really a stress buster.  Note: My other favorite bath time is Friday afternoon before date night and then the H20 is quickly replaced with a glass of wine.

Don’t Have Time For A Real Bath?

Nothing like a foot soak…especially before bed!


One Last Thing To Add Pleasure To A Bath


There is nothing like a good book with a bath.  Until I get Mr. LBD a stool, I’ll keep enjoying Alexa reading, or singing to me so I don’t let my phone go swimming.

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 3.38.56 PM

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Have A Great Week!

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9 thoughts on “The Sinful Pleasure Of An Afternoon Bath”

  1. I’ve never had a bath in the middle of the day … what a great idea … the foot soak too. I love both of those! Thanks Laurel. I really want to keep those ideas in mind.

  2. I have never been a bath girl. Sure, I love the hot tub, but a bath at home just never tickles me pink. In fact, we are going to take out the bathtub in the guest bathroom and replace it with a step in shower. Is that bad??

    1. A tub somewhere in every home is s value. Smaller kiddos need a bath option and I’ve seen wonderful homes get passed on when there is no tub. If the added shower benefits your daily life then go for it. If you think it better for guests…consider how often this will be used vs the cost to renovate and the hit you might take at resale time. In most cases guests will be happy either way!

  3. When we had our home designed and built, I only insisted on one thing: a jetted jacuzzi tub, super roomy. Hubby had to install a super sized water heater just so I would never run out of hot water!. Hubby surrounded my jacuzzi with beautiful Italian marble tiles, and I am in heaven.
    I take steamy hot baths several times a week immersed in lavender Epson salts with my loyal iPhone. Put on some creative music and the only thing I worry about is falling asleep in the tub and drowning!

  4. I am so glad you talked me into a cast iron soaking tub! It has been wonderful to take a soak every night and then jump into to a cozy bed. Heaven!!

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