The Best Time To Paint The Front Door


And Just Like That…It Is Fall!


We all know that as soon as Fall gets here, it’s a mad dash into the Holidays.  Our front doors get more use this time of year than any other.  Now is the time, while the weather is still nice, to get a fresh coat of paint on the front door!

Our entry doors are a way to welcome others into our homes while showing a little bit of who we are at the same time.  Even though this pool cue blue color door is amazing…it may not be for everyone.  Well, ok, unless we are lucky enough to have a little villa somewhere in the south of Greece, this color might be a tad too much for some of our neighborhoods.



So we will play fair and today share some of our Friday Favorite front door colors.  White, or brick, houses hold a large majority in the type of homes we live in.  Let’s look at three colors that work so well on both of these facades.


Classic Black Front Doors


Black – No matter the architecture, makes a statment!


Versatile Gray Doors


Gray – With so many shades to choose from, there is hue for everyone.


Creamy Ivory Doors


Ivory – With just a hint of color as a subtle accent to other colors near by.


Ready To Paint?

Or Still Need A Few Ideas…We’ve got 233 more ideas on our Pinterest Board

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