Laundry Rooms For “Real” People

I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair!





It’s Monday and we all need a little Motivation to get the laundry we put off this weekend, done quickly for the week.  If we don’t, next weekend is going to be a sentence to the laundry room!  That might not be so bad if we had a laundry room like the one above featured on an HGTV episode.  But wait…we’ve got a laundry room for “real” people!

We All Love Fashion but Laundry…Not So Much

 Unsorted, sorted and lying around in piles ready to wash, some in the washer ready to dry, some laying in the dryer wrinkling and hopefully some hanging and folded, ready to put away.


Yes, we have clients with laundry rooms so wonderful, they don’t mind being chained to the doorknob.  We’ve even created Mom (or Dad) stations in these glorious rooms so that work/internet stuff can be done at the same time.  However, your’s truly has always had a laundry that needed a little help to keep me inspired-see the reno here.


Ok Theo, we will all take your advice and work with what we have for our laundry areas.


Another past laundry “room” we had was a whopping  6’x7′.  It was also the entry from the garage, had a double door mechanical closet in it and then another door that leads to a small hall to the “guest suite” of the house.  Yes, 4 doors in this small space called a laundry room!

We chose, for the first time, to have the front load machines on the pedestals that every appliance store must make 200% on because they push them so hard.  The theory is you don’t have to bend to use them if they are on the pedestals and they have these great deep storage units for all sorts of stuff.  Correct, the drawers (with baskets to coral it all) are great…but now, am I not bending down to get the stuff?  I am ok with this. I learned to love the drawers and they hold an incredible amount.  I count the bending as exercise for the day.




This is the quote I laminated, and hung on the side of the machine,  after an episode of exploding detergent.  Try cleaning up “soap”…it never ends.  Insert your own thoughts here.



Laundry Sorting In Totes Makes Good Use Of Odd Space

Canvas totes as laundry hampers. They are water proof, lightweight, and so deep that a weeks worth of laundry is buried down in there out of sight.  Complete with little tags to keep us all happy.  (as in laundry sorted automatically with a little training)

IMG_5053.JPG IMG_5040.JPGIMG_5039.JPG

Hanging Spaces Make The Laundry Room

But what if the space simply can’t accomodate a built-in rod?  Enter the rolling clothing rack.  Another first, but most certainly not our last, for us!  This puppy was the weekly drying rack, the guest room closet rack, the plan your travel wardrobe rack and cost $59.  We rolled this out of the closet, placed it under the ceiling fan in the guest bedroom.  This was exactly 6′ from the laundry door.  And you know what, the bed made an excellent folding table.  Best of all, we could shut the door and be as lazy as we want “air drying” the weeks laundry.

Instant “Portable” Laundry Room.

Making Laundry Duties More Enjoyable

Lastly, follow us and read a weeks worth of posts while those laundry loads spin away!  We always have so much to share about these mere structures we count on as our homes. Like this next post coming up on Wednedsay “Wow”!   Do you want a pretty, or practical pantry.  How about both!

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Happy Monday!

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9 thoughts on “Laundry Rooms For “Real” People”

  1. I had no idea that there were drawers under the washer and dryer like that. It’s convenient at least.
    I have a rolling rack in our new laundry room….it also serves as the rack the cats eat off….talk about double duty!!

    1. Love the double duty of the kitty buffet area! The pedestals havde become a favorite spot and you can see they house more than just laundry items…we used one side for pet products. And not having to bend to get laundry done has been so nice.

  2. I love this post! I have a laundry room that real people use as well and I love it, it is functional, and has everything I need. I have to be honest, the idea of “hanging” out and working in my laundry room does not appeal to me, no matter how beautiful the room. That said if I have a walk in butlers panty I would work in their with all of my cool dishes and stuff.

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