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How To Corral The Stuff We Love

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Even with all of our efforts to downsize, we are still a society with a lot of stuff.  Designers are pros at corraling all of our things together to make them look almost decorative.  Today on another Friday Favorites, we share a little trick…trays!

The Designer Cocktail Tray


Ok, we admit sometimes we create these somewhat useless trays that are more for beautiful photo shoots than real life.  In our house, that tray on the ottoman is more likely to have an open cookbook, a sweating glass of tea and the pair of glasses neither of us remember where we took them off.  It’s going to house cereal bowls with a little bit of milk left in them, foot cream and a pair of socks kicked off during last nights Netflix binge.  In other words, trays in most of our homes need to be more than just another pretty face!


Although, this one is pretty!

Kitchen Trays


Kitchens are natural spaces for trays to keep the things we use often organized.  A tray also makes it so easy to move several things from spot to spot at the same time.  A tray is a natural for catching all the gummy, gooey, sticky stuff that just happens.  We have a tray that is the home for weekly produce.  Trays used for organization and storage can also be part of our home’s decor.


Bathroom Trays


Personally, until just recently, I have not warmed up to keeping too much on the bathroom counters.  However, we do use small containers and can see how easy it could be to move the tray and clean a little quicker.  Maybe I’ll give it a try!


Other Places To Use A Tray

How about a tray for a guys drop spot?  You know, the natural space he empties his pockets each day.  What about a tray designated for our electronic chargers?  Small trays by our sinks for jewerly?  Kids art trays?  A tray under our pets water and food dish?  Office supplies tray?  A mis en place tray?  Dinner on the sofa with a lap tray? Endless ways to corral all the stuff we love!

So Many Trays To Choose From

As a novice chef, I really like the simple idea of the cookie sheet tray above.  (did you notice that one?!)   However, for those of you who may prefer a little more design, lets take a peek at some of our Favorites this Friday.

littleblackdomicile-five trays five ways


1 rustic set of trays

2 transitional blackJ tray

3 faux marble tray 

4 acrylic tray

5 metal tray

Trays can be found to purchase everywhere!  From high end boutiques to Amazon, all ready to showcase our different personalities.

 What kind of tray suits you?


In my fantasy dream world, this is me!

Bon Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Hmmmm…this might be a wonderful trick for a centerpiece on my dining room table too?? Because once the guests come and then we bring out the food, I always end up having to move the pretty stuff to make room for the food!

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