Desert Flowers Inspire A Fashion Blogger’s Interior

Mother Nature In The Desert



While much of the country is getting ready to go into a more neutral landscape color palette, the desert is enjoying mild temperatures and gearing up for a short rainy season that will soon bring incredible wild flowers.  Join us today as we share how the vivid colors of desert flowers are so much a part of this home’s interior and exterior!

Motivational Monday


Our Mission-What To Do With This Courtyard Patio?


Our client is a well-known fashion blogger who is so full of life that she just bubbles!  Recently, she and her phototographer husband relocated to Arizona and have made a new house their home.  When they reached out to littleblackdomicile for an idea about their outside patio area, all we did was show them ways to continue the fun and happiness they have created in the interior.


The Kitchen In Their New Home… Look at this rug and the art!  Can you say color?

Building A Decor With Color



The stoned patio area and the tiled entry combined are a nice sized area in neutral colors.  Along with the concept of a pair of colorful chairs and footrest for our clients everyday use, we suggested adding a pair of guest benches to be painted in a creamy color.  Along the wall, we added a rich console table and colorful recycled area rug.  Bring on those happy hour setups and call the neighbors!

Life Is Full Of Color…See Some Of Our Favorites

Color Combinations On Pinterest

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 10.52.08 PM.png


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  1. I can’t tell you how much we love this!! It’ll be so fun to make it our own.

    1. Working with your architecture and your personality will make it the perft LBD for you! (in color of course)

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