The Sunday Spy 10.27.19

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We Spy With Our Designer Eye

Each  Sunday  we share a design that caught our eye.  An interior’s design that made us pause, savor and enjoy.  Like this one shared by mydarkhome.  At first glance we feel this home’s interior, which is so inviting we immediately want to grab a book and cuddle up.  Studying closer, we see layers upon layers of “yep, I want to be in this space!”

Ooooh…Here’s What I Love About This Interior Design!

littleblackdomicile-laurel-interior-designer-over- 50

  •  oh my…I didn’t even see the dog on the left at first…talk about camouflage! (what a sweetie!)
  • totally unexpected disco ball, reflecting off the floor lamp light, gives the room a little twinkle
  • no cold feet with this warm, shaggy diagonal lattice area rug to dig our toes into
  • rich, mossy green velvet chair with round arm bolster
  • ebony inlay strips in the glossy cocktail table top which is almost a mirror for the precious pups
  • wish we coud see the rest of this pair of hands…what a cool collection of art!
  • intense pen and ink of someone special on the pitch black wall
  • a white metal starburst mirror helps turn the corner
  • comfy complimentary shades of dusty pink and a magnificent mauve with the sofa and a soft throw
  • thick, bottle-green vases hold just the right florals for the decor
  • wow…that giraff is looking right at us!
  • moody guitar music left on by mistake
  • the pair of late night diners coming home to see if those pups have been on the sofa…ears back…what do you think…busted!

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  1. I have to laugh because I saw the pups right away. And that’s what made me smile!!

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