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Each  Sunday  we share a design that caught our eye.  An interior’s design that made us pause, savor and enjoy.  Like this one shared by cottages&gardens.   Immediately we stop and study the large modern art that has such a presence in this living room.  Pausing a bit longer, we see so many details that make this architecturally simple space so interesting and inviting.

Ooooh…Here’s What I Love About This Interior Design!

littleblackdomicile-laurel-interior-designer-over- 50

  • this room could be anywhere… light walls, standard size windows, a wood floor
  • muslin slip cover converts a chair, with classic legs and a striped overlay, into a custom design
  • living edge, epoxy wood table is equally as interesting as the large modern art
  • and look at how the art canvas, yes a raw edge canvas, is perched on an open shelved console
  • the sheerest cafe curtains, on barely there tension rods, filter natural light
  • a glorious, well worn, tufted leather sofa looks like it has been in someone’s family for a generation
  • warm checked throw and golden velvet pillow make this a spot to curl up
  • tribal art pair and a knobby dark urn add lots of texture to the art backdrop
  • looks like a stack of a pillow and blanket can convert this space quickly for a cherished overnight guest
  • big picture books let us travel without leaving the house
  • soft, muted gray area carpet gives the collection of furnishings such balance
  • did you see the moody vase on the floor?  perhaps another treasure from a past adventure
  • what’s in the small box gracing the coffee table?
  • love the stack of smooth wood bowls and the flat artistic one on the lower shelf…can’t you just see using those at the dinner table as well?
  • gotta be a dog in this house…how about a perfectly color complimenting beagle, standing guard on the back of the sofa, ready to do the beagle bark welcome as soon as he hears the car door close!
  • a woodsy scented candle and some steady beat alternative music…and this decor is ready for Sunday

Savor Your Sunday


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6 thoughts on “The Sunday Spy 11.3.19”

  1. I love seeing a painting on the table like this. I always think I have to hang them, and it’s so interesting this way.

    1. It’s a design trick I am sure became a reality of a dead tired designer rushing to finish up before clients arrived!

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