Going Back To The Basics-11.8.19

Why Do We Like This Photo?


This photo inspires us.  On Monday we shared how we’ve been in a funk and thought we needed to find new inspirations for blog content.   In reality, all we need to do is go back to the basics of why we started LBD.


Calling on our IT gurus for help is never fun.  It’s like when we describe a squeal, or thud in our car to a mechanic who is supposed to be able to wave a wand and fix the problem in a nano second.  There that’s expectation again.

However, when we slow down and remember these guys (and gals) are humans just like us, there is value to be learned.  In my case, last week was one of those out of the mouth of babes moments that hit home.  While chatting with the IT person, I unloaded how frustrating it is to have to spend more time on the mechanics of a site than actually writing the posts.  After he quickly corrected the problem, he simply asked if this took more time than writing a post.  Of couse it did not.  I asked how did he fix this so quickly.  He said he always goes back to check the basics of what should be happening.  Bless that 20+ something guy who fixed so much more than the mechanics that day.

Blogging Basics 101

1. Why Are We Writing This Blog?

The answer to this question is so simple that it is easy to let it get buried in the mechanics of the production of a post.  We publish this blog because we want to…not because we have to.  Our philosophy is, has been, and always will be, that good design is for everyone and inspired by so many different aspects of our lives.  We want to share what inspires us and what we get excited about.

Friday Favorites

So much of what makes the place we call home is what is outside our doors.  Our communities are where we choose to let our lives unfold.  Yet how often do we take the time to stop and smell the roses so to speak?  Back to the basics…grab the camera and go find something that inspired me to think about new content.


If you are a new reader, (want to become a new subscriber?) you’ll soon learn that architecture of nearly every design, always stops me in my tracks.  When a historic building gets a fresh chance to be new, I like it.  When vintage is mixed with modern, look at these chairs diners are going to enjoy, I am beside myself!

Sidenote:  This restaurant is not set to open for a few more weeks.  However, they set the tables and chairs out for everyone to enjoy now.  I watched people passing by peeking into those amazing doors to see what is coming. What a smart marketing tool.


2. Do We Share Something Others Want To Read?

Well, we think so…most of the time.  However, the blog bible says we need to share more of ourselves and not have all the posts be so “informative”.  As designers, our job is about the details…all of them.  We are working on making post a bit lighter and sharing more about us.


Thus, speaking of sharing, food and how it is such a huge part of our lives, inspires me.  Walking around the market this last weekend, the smell immediately drew me over to the group of people watching this paella ready to take home.  A nice serving for four for $13.

Of course, as a designer, my brain went to the colors.  Remember this past post, Curry On, and how much we are influenced by spice colors in our homes?  And look at this “nutmeg” pup hanging around the paella pot!


Since we are talking about curry and architecture, (see how my brain works…everything leads back to design), this is a passthru of a soon to open residential building.  Because I am usually part of the construction team for our projects, I totally took this sign as an invitation to explore and share.


3. Being Realistic About Expectations

To finish up this week, we will comment on the final blog basic we have let get the better of us.  LBD is important to us and is a way to share design to more people than we can work with directly.  When we write a post, we want it to be interesting to readers, but also mean something to us.  It is almost theraputic to be able to get our thoughts on paper for others to think about and comment on. (and we do love to hear our readers thoughts…so do share!)

However, writing a blog is a huge time commitment.  Bloggers who depend on their content to make a living are to be admired endlessly.  Consistent content is so important for these amazing blogs.  Because we have an amazing design firm, with wonderful clients, the number of posts per week recommended for most blogs does not always work for us.  At times, the night before a scheduled post, our brains are fried.  WE have to learn to accept this and not feel guilty when we miss a post.  There will be times when we are just bursting at the seams to share content and find the time to do so.  Posts that nearly write themselves are the ones we want to stay excited about.  Now, how’s that for sharing something personal?!

Thank you for the few minutes a day you choose to check in with us!

Enjoying  LBD …..Join Us!

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7 thoughts on “Going Back To The Basics-11.8.19”

  1. Gosh. Isn’t this the truth. Getting back to the beginning or maybe we should call it a reboot!
    I can’t wait to visit and go to that restaurant! You know Rob will love that kind of day!

    1. We should probably put a reminder on our calendars…remember why we do this!

  2. Wondering.. the Spanish “ villas” post from awhile back, residences… tempting… we enjoyed our Spanish explorations last spring. I may have missed a blog or two, but it looks like you are there in Spain.
    I enjoy your blog. Funny how words flow and then they don’t. It’s just the way it happens.

    1. And as soon as we confess they are not flowing…they seem to start! Happy Weekend!

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