We Are Dangerously Close To Guest Bedroom Time!

Do We Need New Towels?

Here we go, in about two weeks we start the holiday guest season.  Yep, already!   Join us on Pinterest to drool over more than 100 bedrooms we’d love to be a guest in.  Then hop over to the post this Monday and get Motivated to have a guest room that can be ready in about 10 minutes for all those we invite into our lovely homes!








Be Your Own Guest 

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Motivational Monday

Mr. LBD and I have quests often, but no longer have several couples at the same time.  Our guest room can be ready to be used in about 10 minutes with this simple storage trick.

One Designated Set Of Guest Towels


Two sets of guest towels are stored in the night stand drawers.  A bath and hand towel, with two wash cloths are reserved for guests only.  They do not get mixed in with our daily linens thus stay nice looking longer.  We’ve found that dark face clothes take the pressure off guests for make up removal, white bath towels offer a spa like feeling and mixing up hand towels takes care of the urge to buy all new in the TJ Max aisles.  One set per person is enough for a few days.  For longer stays, there is a cool thing called a washing machine.


Daily Towel Storage

In bedrooms, and baths, a set of empty hooks is an easy way to make a guest feel at home.  Wet towels, pjs, dop kits can all have a place and not clutter up the pretty guest room you’ve created for the ones you care so much about.


Luggage Racks

Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 8.39.49 PM.png

Stick one, or a pair of these racks, under the bed and pull them out for both suitcases and shoes.

Closet Too Full For Guests…No Problem

We can all pretend we are fashion designers and use a clothing rack.  There is no better place for one than in a guest bedroom.  Fair warning….you are going to want this for yourselves!


Want a few more ideas about guest rooms….

PS: One last tip….spend the night in your own guest room.  It’s a sure way to see just how great a host you are!


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  1. That’s exactly what we are going to do this week…sleep in our own guest room. It’s still not ready, but I want to try it out.

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