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Flash Back Fun!

This is a repost…but we love the video so much we want to reshare!

I’ll Have What She’s Having …In Her Decor That Is

Broma Bakery Pears On White Plates

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”-Oscar Wilde

 In our firm, laurelbledsoedesign, Kristen and I are privileged to work with so many wonderful and interesting clients that allow us to push the limits of conventional design.  We are always honored to help them achieve a design, and decor, that is the perfect LBD for them.  Our job is to develop and implement a concept that makes us all “want to have what she’s having”!

littleblackdomicile laurel dress

A Good Decor Starts With A Day Dreamer

Littleblackdomicile designers need to waste time

Clients often ask how we came up with their plan?  The answer is simple…we take time to play.  On one of our previous Monday’s Motivational Post , we shared how important it is for creative people to allow time to think.   In today’s world of technology, and endless digital photography, we play with computers and iPads now.  We can archive, and access, our tens of thousands of photos and spend more time directing each one.

Inspiring Decor Comes From Everything

To a designer, almost anything can trigger an idea for good interior decor.  A structure, the sunlight, a texture, the weather, a color, a smell, a taste….it’s hard to pinpoint one thing or put it into a neat little package.  So as promised on Monday, below is how I played a bit and learned how to do a video.  The photos in this slide show (old terms die hard), are all inspired by the food photography of the pears above by Sarah of Broma Bakery 

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The series of photos you have just seen are ones that have inspired our home’s decor.  Collectively, these pictures represent a feeling that can’t be described in any pre-set design styles.  They are more than the contrast of smooth creamy colors and rich textures.  More than a kitchen, bedroom or dining room.  More than the combination of unique light fixtures, intriguing tile patterns, or gleaming faucets.

Look back at the plate of the decadent amber pears on the rustic white crockery.  See the contrast of sleek dark vanilla beans, sprinkled with slivers of almonds laying on a bed of cream?  Getting a sense of an intentional welcome?  Yes, I’ll be happy to have our home have exactly “what she is having”.

Note:  The photos in the video have been collected, and archived in our files for years.  Long before we wrote blogs and learned we should properly credit each photographer and designer. We have kept these photos because they inspire us.  All photos have been previously published in periodicals, or online.  Original authors please contact us and we will gratefully credit your work or remove your photo accordingly. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing work!


Looking Forward To Friday Favorites

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