Set Unique Thanksgiving Tables With Placecards


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Yep, it’s the Monday before Thanksgiving…how about a little Motivation to make your table just a litte more special for your guests?  Still time to make your  Holiday Table unique with placecards!

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Easy, Quick Unique Table Placecards


We know what you are thinking…it’s too late to add anything else to the list of what has to be done for Thursday.  You might even say, “Great ideas-I’ll do this next year!”  Or……you can delegate!  These ideas are so simple, yet can have a fun impact on the day.  Let’s look!

The Naturalist

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Is your Thanksgiving table graced with traditional colors of fall?  Creamy ivories, rich ambers, a bit of greenery here and there?  This meal is about food, right?  Got a box of business cards with white backs?  Index cards you can cut?  Poke a hole with a needle and add a rosemary sprig (you are going to be at the store anyway) and hand label the seating arrangement.  See how many times someone “smells” their name!


The Golden Girl


Ok, for some of us, holidays mean using something shiny!  And who does not like to spray paint?!  Live where you are crunching on pine cones already…send the kiddos out to collect some.  Otherwise really easy to buy a bag online or even at Walgreens.  Pick up the index cards and a gold sharpie and you are “golden”!  Although….the names would be lovely in navy, black or green too!


The “Happy” Eco Friend

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What about finally using all those wine corks you “happily” saved from the landfills?  Pass this job on to the one in the family with knife skills and let the “I remember that wine” conversations begin.


Let There Be Light…

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…and more light!  We can never have enough candles when creating a festive table.  No, we don’t have time to personalize etched tea light holders.  But we do have time to get a dozen, or more, clear glass ones at the dollar store and give the kids a pack of file folder labels to customize while they are waiting for everyone to arrive.  Don’t forget the tea candles!

Doing this yourself?  Have some fun and invite Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Clint Eastwood (you get the idea) and see who sits where.  Now there is a way to start a family conversation!



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  1. Wow…those are such great ideas. Who would’ve thunk that a rock or sprig of rosemary could work so wonderfully.

    1. Once our young son spray painted gravel from the drive way and gave everyone “gold”…rocks are so versatile!

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